92 Buick century hesitation at 45 miles an hour?

Guys are jerks becuas they are afrais to share their innner feelings. When they likea girl they don't like to show it because they want to act cool, and feel as if all the girls like them. They are friken full of vanity and conceidednes.;; [:.. Guys are total jerks. Yet not all are jerks. Some are actually pretty nice and they don't exactly have to be gay for that they just aren't afraid to show their inner selfs. Some guys have a girl who is terribly in love with him yet they don't appreciate them and take them for granted , yet when they want them and actually realize how wonderful that person is to them its too late. The other person found someone who appreciates them and doesn't take it for granted like the guy before.

so guys don't be jerks. or jack asses realize that you should be thankful for what you have and appreciate it when a girl takes the guts to tell you she loves you.


Mara & ara .. :]

apprecuiate thiss son'.