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First turn your key on and listen for the fuel pump to pressurize the lines. Then check to see if the fuel is leaking from the new filter. If it is you may have got the connection wrong. If that's the case your engine is not getting the proper fuel pressure to run. Hence its sucking air. If that does not work you might have a bad fuel pressure regulator sensor that is bad. Its located by the TBI. Reference a Haynes manual for replacement.

also if you did not fill the new filter with fuel then you have air in you system and engine will not run. so try taking it off and filling it with fuel and then replace it.

Answerturning ignition on removes air from fuel lines and primes the fuel system. filling fuel filter with fuel is irrelevent, as lines need to be clear of fuel upon installation. leave ignition on after installation for roughly 30 seconds-one minute. this will prime the fuel lines and remove air and most water from the system. if problem continues, fuel injectors. this is a common problem in 90-92 camaros. if cannot start car, you'll need to replace every injector, as it's not cost-effective to diagnose every injector. roughly 300 dollars in quality parts, roughly 4 man hours of labor. if rough start that requires push on accelerator (try this), run the car with fuel injector cleaner. this should salvage you injectors. if this helps proformance, starting, then for the next 3-4 full tanks of gas, add stp injection cleaner for every tank of gas. be careful, as this does not restore your injectors, but it helps clear away deposits which are common in multi port injectors.

Make sure the fuel filter is facing the right direction as if it's backwards, it will block any fuel from getting to the engine.

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Q: 92 Camaro Rs and have just recently changed the fuel filter on it and after you did the car stopped starting you tried to start it by spraying starter fluid in the throttle body whats the problem?
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