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Probaly a rich fuel condition fouling the sensors, have the car's emissions checked, or just pull the plugs, look to see if they are fouled also.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-25 13:54:50
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Q: 92 caprice 1st 120 kno problem with ox sensor last 35k gone through 4 ox any ideas thnks?
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97 catera that won't start you thought it was the fuel pump but that is good any ideas?

Check your crank shaft sensor. Had the same problem, replaced crank shaft sensor and fixed the problem.

1997 grand Cherokee limited your systems monitor is telling you your tailgate is open but its not Any ideas as to what this could be Sensor Monitor malfunction Has anyone seen this problem?

Check the sensor switch first.

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Your 91 Lebaron runs rough and stalls out only when it's first started any ideas on how to fix the problem?

check oxygen sensor or map snesor, they are notorious for going out!

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What would make the speedometer stop working on your 1993 Ford Probe and how to fix it any ideas?

The problem could be the output speed sensor on the transmission or the speedo head it self. A scan tool would be helpful

You have a 2000 Daewoo Lanos with auto trans shifting problem after warming up to operating temp have frequently changed filter and oil no metal in trans don't think trans is problem any ideas?

Do you have a check engine light. I have had problems with my 01 Lanos and the check engine light came on and it was the oxygen sensor so that may be your problem

There is a clicking coming from a black box under the panel under the emergency brake handle of my 1994 Saturn sc2 Any ideas on what it is?

The black box I believe is your quad drive sensor which operates your automatic seat belts. If you have spilled any kind of liquids there it will short circuit your sensor. I have the same problem with my car. You should remove the box and try and clean it out or get a new sensor.

98 Hyundai Elantra that is running rough you are getting check engine codes that say there is a problem with the camshaft position and code that say their are random misfires Any ideas?

A bad camshaft position sensor will cause a engine to run very rough or not run at all. Replacing the camshaft sensor is very complicated.

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Im thinking MAF sensor or its wire connector. No input is given to the computer so fuel is shut off.. Have the codes read and the computer will tell you what is most likely the problem or at least head you in the right direction Thanks for reply.....that's exactly what it was......they called it the MAP sensor.......BUT what happened was, we found out it was mice getting up in engine and completely chewed through the wire!!

Your air bag light on a 2003 Chevy Silverado is on and you think it is the passenger air bag sensor under the seat Anyone have any ideas?

I have been to a local shop for the same problem on my 2003 silverado. It is a worn out sensor, it will have to be replaced. In my case I replaced the seat and seatbelt catch and all the sensors from a wreaked 04 silverado.

2001 Frontier Crew Cab is having a problem with the gauges. Every once in a while while driving they will all go to zero with the speedometer freezing on 40 mph. Any ideas?

Quite possibly vehicle speed sensor

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I hear a clicking noise coming from my jeep when I hit speeds greater then 50 MPH? any ideas on what can cause this

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