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Do not drive it. It sounds like you have a stuck valve and a stuck open thermostat. It sounds to me that a valve has been stuck open allowing combustion to overheat your manifold. Or you have an obstruction of your exhaust. Normally the valves are timed in such a manner that combustion occurs and your exhaust valve opens. In this case that a valve may be stuck open or the seat/face is damaged, your combustion is being directed right into your exhaust. Does the vehicle run like it's missing, lacking power? I would recommend doing a compression test which is very easy. Rent a compression tester from Schucks or AutoZone. Remove one spark plug and thread the appropriate fitting into the block. Remove the coil wire from you distributor. Have someone crank your engine for about 5 seconds and watch the gauge when they stop. It should hold steady or drop very very slowly and only a few psi (like 5). Write down your results and replace spark plug and move down the line. If you measure the compression on cylinder one at 160, cylinder two at 155 and so on (the numbers flop around a bit. Usually around 10-15psi of each other) then the valve is not the problem. However, if you measure one of your cylinders considerably lower or dropping considerable quick, you may have this problem. If all checks out, I would use a SeaFoam treatment to expell smoke through your exhaust to check obstruction.

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Red hot exhaust manifold 92 Camaro?

If it's glowing red you have a vaccum leak someplace, probably in the intake manifold or the engine is running lean on fuel or possibly too rich as the unburnt fuel is burning in the exhaust.

Why would a 2000 Explorer lose power and the cab fill with smoke and smell of sulfur The manifold was glowing red Is this a Catalytic Converter problem?

It could be running lean. Check the fuel filter. It could also be a vacuum leak or the EGR valve. It would probably be a good idea to not run it much until you've worked out the problem. There are quite a few possibilities, and some of them are not very expensive, but if the exhaust manifold is getting that hot you could be damaging your exhaust valves. If the exhaust manifold is glowing, it's not the cat-converter.

How do you remove the exhaust on a 93 Honda Accord?

Are you trying to remove the exhaust manifold,the muffler,or just the line running from the manifold connection to the muffler?

What is a turbo exhaust?

It's a turbine mounted in the exhaust manifold to give more power and smoother running to the engine.

What can cause squeaking noise from exhaust manifold after car has been running while?

squeeking from exhaust manifold is caused by a leak allowing exhaust gas to leak. it will only get worse as time goes on unless it is fixed

How can you find a leak in the exhaust manifold?

A leak in an exhaust manifold will be very loud. The car may also experience issues stalling or running to lean since the oxygen sensor readings will be off.

Can bad exhaust valves cause a manifold to turn red hot?

No but an engine running like that can damage the valves.

Why is my car running so loud?

Loud engine noise is usually a result of a hole or disconnection in the exhaust manifold or muffler.

What is causing a 1974 BMW Model 2002 to idle and accelerate very loudly?

If it is running loudly then there is an exhaust leak either at exhaust manifold or some where else in the exhaust pipes. Bad exhaust muffler could also cause this. Hope this helps.

Where is the oil filter located on the 2006 Avalon?

ON THE ENGINE Or more correctly its under the exhaust manifold, which will be very hot after the car running.

How hot is a running car engine?

Depends on which part. The exhust manifold can be glowing red, while the most of the engine should be slightly below the boiling point of water.

How do you know if the injectors not working on a f350?

Feel the exhaust manifold at each cylinder as it is running, if an injector isn't working the manifold at that cylinder exhaust port won't get hot. Some of those Ford diesels had a problem with the electrical connection where the injector harness passes through the valve covers.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am?

Most O2 sensors are in the Exhaust pipe running from the back of the manifold. It is silver with a single black wire running to it. It threads into the exhaust pipe like a spark plug and can usually be accessed from under the hood. Happy Wrenching.

What is the ais tube on 92 Nissan Stanza?

it is the s shaped pipe running from the down pipe of the exhaust right near the manifold,to the egr valve

Your 1997 ford F150 exhaust manifold is getting red hot?

You may have a problem with the fuel/air mixture. Your engine may be running way too rich. The raw fuel is being dumped into the exhaust manifold and burning there. But I think you may have a burned or leaking exhaust valve or two on one side, or poor combustion due to bad wires, plugs etc.

How can you tell if my 2002 dodge stratus has an egr valve?

Look on your exhaust manifold on the back side of the engine for a tube running to a valve with a sensor and vacuum line

What sensors are in the exhaust pipe on a 1991 Saturn sc?

The sensor in the exhaust manifold is the oxygen sensor. It measures the amount of oxygen left in the exhaust after combustion. The computer then takes that information and "decides" if the car is running rich or lean. It then adjusts the fuel injectors to keep the emissions at a minimal level.

What will make your 96 suburban idle rough and popping noise from tailpipe?

Possibly the fuel mixture is too "rich" or has too much gas in the fuel to air ratio. This would make it idle rough or fast and the popping noise could be the unburned fuel igniting in the exhaust system on the hotter than normal exhaust manifold. One check is after the engine has been running for a while check out the exhaust manifold to see if it is glowing red (best observed in the dark of night) this is a good indication of a over rich fuel to air ratio, and is not good for the engine. This engine would need the fuel to air ratio corrected by a qualified mechanic.

Where is and how do you clean or replace an EGR Valve on a 2000 Toyota Solara 4 cylinder?

egr valve is located on left rear of cylinder head. to find it just look for the metal tube running from the exhaust manifold to the back of the intake manifold... the thingie there where the metal tube joins the intake manifold is the egr valve

You have an 2000 Chevy S10 pickup. How can you confirm we have a leaky exhaust manifold gasket?

While the vehicle is running have someone put their foot over the tail pipe exhaust as you listen up front the noise will get louder and easier to pin point the source.

Where is oxygen sensor on a 1988 2.9 liter Ford engine?

The oxygen sensor on the 1988 ford 2.9 liter engine is located on the exhaust pipe just behind the right exhaust manifold. It screws into the exhaust pipe and has a small wire running to the tip of it. Just unplug the wire and turn out the sensor with a wrench.

You have exhaust fumes coming inside the car but you do not have an exhaust leak you have a 1995 BMW 525I?

must be a leak cant think of any other way check all joints and manifold incl lambda sensor failing that cracked cylinder head from exhaust valve but i wudda thought the running would be impaired

Is the oxygen sensor on a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant before or after the cat converter?

O2 sensors are usually on the exhaust manifold. Actually on the '96 Galant, one is in the header pipe (the pipe running below the engine between the manifold and the catalytic converter) and the other is in the catalytic converter.

What is a heat riser?

A heat riser is a duct that allows heat to rise up from the exhaust manifold. It's purpose is to warm the air being brought into the intake manifold preventing the freezing of moisture, that might otherwise cause the engine to stop running or run properly.

Where is the O2 sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Altima and how is it replaced?

The O2 sensor is in the front of the engine. If you look at the exhaust manifold by the heat shield you will see it. It screws into the exhaust and has a single wire coming out of it running back toward the drivers side of the engine. Easy to change

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