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Pull a couple of plugs and see if they are fouled or the injectors may not be firing.

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I have a1996 Ford F150and my problem is that it will not start It cranks and I have Fuel pressure I do not have injector pulse or spark Do you have any ideas?

If it's part of the computer controls it will almost ALWAYS show up when you do a computer diagnostic test. Borrow, rent or buy a code scanner for your Ford and see what it says.

1987 celebrity injector will not work new injector new harness will not inject fuel?

hi I have a 1986 chev celebrity also, fuel injector does not get signal to pulse the injector so it wont run unless fuel is being pured down the throttle body, ideas??

99 cougar cranks but wont start replaced distributor crankshaft sensor spark plugs smell like gas but not a blown head gasket I think its not getting fire to start any ideas?

try a new ignition coil

Poor gas mileage in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

My grand cherokee 2005 is getting poor gas mileage- around 7.5miles/gallon. Does anyone have any ideas why this is so? Changed air filter and oil.

On a 92 Pontiac grand prix with a 3 4 there is fuel pressure of 40 lbs and it will fire if fuel is sprayed into the intake but not on its own Any ideas what else it could be?

I've seen this before on GM fuel injected cars.. It could be that your fuel injector solenoid circuit has gone onto shut down due to a shorted, or very low resistance injector solenoid. Check your injector solenoids with an ohm-meter. They should be around 16 ohms..

91 Mercedes 190E cranks but won't start any ideas?

There are several reasons that can cause your 1991 Mercedes to crank but not start. The most common cause is a lack of fuel.

1995 jeep 4.0 cranks but wont start any ideas?

Fuel pump? Pound on the fuel tank pretty firm with your fist 5 times or so and see if it starts

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1996 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series Cranks fine but won't start Possibly fuel-system related Any ideas?

Bad fuel pump? Bad pump relay

Why Ford Transit 2005 2.4 tddi has misfire on number 4 pot injector been teted and told its ok any ideas cheers?

check your engine compressions

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PLEASE Help 1991 jeep has spark and cranks but wont fire have replaced timing starter coil d-cap wires battery and filters has fuel pressure in the linerail but spark plugs are dry..ideas?

depending on what type of fuel delivery, check fuel injectors or tbi

MyPontiac grand am starting wont start. Any ideas?

try resetting security system

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1999 ford ranger XLT 3L Flex Fuel cranks but wont start replaced fuel pump worked fine for a month and now doing the same thing any ideas?

have you replaced the fuel filter

2001 Kia Sportage that will not start my wife was driving and as she came to a stop it died She restarted the car fine and then it died again Now it cranks but it wount start Any ideas?

First check battery and alternator. I did have it checked.

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transmission fluid is getting into engine in our 1984 ford f 150

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If you have replaced the rear wiper motor in your 1996 jeep grand Cherokee but it still does not work Any Ideas?

Check the fuse