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94 cavalier 2.2 won't start was running fine all along checked oil level and was down over 3 liters topped it up but still won't start could the computer be shutting down spark if so how to reset?


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Sounds like it could be an electrical problem...possibly bad battery, alternator, or starter. If there is a sound sort of like a machine gun when you crank it, but the engine won't turn over, then it's the battery, and possibly the alternator; if there's just a clicking or whirring sound, that's the starter; if nothing happens at all, that's the alternator, and that also means the battery is probably dead. Has your red battery light come on on your dashboard? Also could be failed ignition control module, ignition coils, or badly worn spark plugs. I would check the battery, alternator, and starter first. If you can get the car jumped, take to an auto parts store, and they should be able to test your battery and electrical systems' integrity for free. Plus, I think you mean "quarts" not "liters" of oil. If the problem's oil related, I'd have the car checked for leaks with a compression test by a mechanic. Or it could be the computer going bad. Once again, a mechanic would be the best person to see. If it does turn out to be the computer, this is one of the very, very few times I would take it in to the dealer to have it fixed. Hope this helps. Best of luck!