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check your distributor ignition module and go test it...

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Q: 94 integra wont start you changed the coil and spark plugs?
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Changed the spark wires spark plugs and distributor cap now car will crank but not start?

Check/replace Rotor Check for spark at plugs

Wont start you changed spark plugs?

You need to check wires. Make sure that you connected plug wires in the correct order. Check that wires are sitting tightly on spark plugs. If it didn't work, remove spark plugs and check the gap for all of them. Install the spark plugs and try to start again. If it didn't work install old spark plugs and try again. If it didn't work check the fuse box under the hood. Hopefully it works.

Why ford explorer won't start after changing spark plugs?

Obviously- the spark plugs were not the issue :)

I have a 1994 Acura Integra LS and recently got a new battery from AutoZone and changed the terminals too. But during cold mornings I am unable to start the car. Any ideas?

Check Spark Plugs, make sure you have Reg spark plugs and not cold plugs.....Could be that if you are using 5w30 oil you may have to switch to 10w30 oil during cold season...Thats the only 2 things i can think of

Why would a 1991 Acura Integra not start?

may be many things , spark plugs, spark plug cables , distrubuor , gas , alternator not charging the battery or a bad battery maybe evn gas - *PhAZe II* -

Does a 2006 dodge stratus have spark plugs?

yes it does, every car has spark plugs or it wouldn't start.

How would you get your car to start it cranks but doesn't start and you changed your coil and distrutor but nothing helped?

1. Make sure you are getting fuel to the carb... 2. If you are getting fuel and spark to you spark plugs and the plugs are wet, You more than likely have a timing problem.

No power from distributor to spark plugs?

My 93 camry has no power from the distributor to the spark plugs. The car unable to start.

Are there spark plugs in turbofan engines?

No. There are not "spark plugs" on turbofan engines. There are ignitors, which help to ignite the fuel during start, but unlike spark plugs, ignitors do not run constantly.

91 Dakota engine turns but will not start I changed the spark plugs ignition coil distributor cap and the fuel filter. And it still will not start.?

Check to see if it getting spark/fuel Check rotor

How do you remove stuck spark plugs?

To remove the stuck spark plugs, you can break them loose and then start to get them tighter as you rotate them out. The ratchet wrench can also be used to remove the stuck spark plugs.

Changed spark plugs now car will not start?

Check the terminals in boots are fully snapped on to ends of plugs. Also proper torque on plugs. Remeber if loose, thee is no compression & gases won't fire.

How do you know when to replace spark plugs?

You should replace the spark plugs when your car won't start first time but does eventually.

Will spark plug cause gone bad cause car not to start?

If the spark plug or plugs are bad the car will not start If the car does not start, (for various reasons) the spark plugs may be fouled or damaged by this and require replacement.

Why would a vehicle not start after the spark plugs were changed?

If it turns over but seems to buck & choke you may have the wires on in the wrong order. Did you do them one at a time? Does it try to start?

Beeping noise when try to start Jet Ski what is that?

the spark plugs probably need to bee changed, happened to me and mine, cost about $100

Could the spark plugs be the reason why your car wont start?

Absolutely. Worn plugs or carbon-fouled plugs can cause an engine to not start.

91 Nissan Stanza won't start The plugs are getting spark. When trying to start the plugs are covered with fuel. We tested coil its goodplug wires are good now and the plugs were changed.?

Sounds like you flooded it. Pop the plugs out and let the gas evaporate and try it again.

Why won't my 1992 Dodge Stealth non turbo start that turns over and is getting spark and fuel pump is working?

i had the same problem i had spark n fuel..i changed the plugs and the car fired up so try changin the plugs

Will a 4 cylinder not start with 2 bad spark plugs?

It should try to start at least. It may or may not actually start but you should hear it fire on the 2 good plugs. Why not just replace all 4 spark plugs?

Why wont my Ford f150 1986 that doesnt start i changed timi ng chain magnetic module spark plugs wiring?

You need compression, fuel and spark. You are missing one of those.

1983 will not start and does not have spark to plugs?

Check your battery and alternator.

What causes a motorbike to splutter when accelerating?

start with the spark plugs

Why would a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus act like it wants to start but it won't fire up also checked spark plugs and they where wet with oil changed them but still wouldn't start what can it be?

if it is getting fuel and spark it could be the map sensor

How do you change the spark plugs on 97 grand am?

To change spark plugs a person must start with a car that is off, then disconnect the batter. The person must then remove the spark plug cables, remove the spark plugs, and replace them with new spark plugs. After that, one must put the spark plug cables back in the correct order, then connect the battery.