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Will 10w30 oil harm st fiesta?

No. Just makes starting slightly more sluggish on an icy Winter morning.

What is the meaning of being sluggish?

Sluggish or being sluggish implies slowness in response or action.

Are 'nervous' and 'sluggish' synonyms?

No, nervous and sluggish are not synonyms.

How can you put sluggish in a sentence?

She felt sluggish when she woke up this morning. He was sluggish at work today.

What rhymes with sluggish?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word sluggish.

Is sluggish an adverb?

No, the word sluggish is an adjective. The adverb form is "sluggishly."

How would you use sluggish in a sentence?

The bus was sluggish on the way to school

What kind of sentence can you use with the word sluggish?

People who have constipation often say their bowels are sluggish.Having worked overtime, he felt sluggish the next day.An engine with old oil can cause a sluggish running car.

What is a sluggish?

The word sluggish means:Displaying little movement or activity; slow; inactive: a sluggish stream; sluggish growth.Lacking alertness, vigor, or energy; inert or indolent.Slow to perform or respond to stimulation.

How do you write the word sluggish in a sentence?

I feel so sluggish all the time. :(

Is sluggish an adjective?

Yes, sluggish is an adjective meaning habitually idle and lazy.

What does sluggish means?

"Sluggish" means slow, or labored, or moving like a slug.

What you the example sentence of sluggish?

One might be - Joe felt very sluggish today. Another could be - The truck creeped slowly at a sluggish speed.

What does lethargic mean?

Lack of energy;sluggish The official definition of the word lethargic is "affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic."

Are you sluggish at school?


How do you you use sluggish in as sentence?

You can use it like: This morning when I woke up i felt extremely sluggish.

Are sluggish and animated antonyms?

Yes. Sluggish means slow, and animated means mobility, movement,etc.

What is an antonym for sluggish?


What is the synanom for sluggish?


Another word for sluggish?


What is another word for sluggish?


What is the opposite word for sluggish?


Chevy impala have No power when accelerating and sluggish ride when the temperature is raising over the half mark.?

impala sluggish after second gear

What emotion has the behaviors of head dropped and ears dropped and sluggish movement?

Horese Head dropped ears drooped, sluggish movement?

What is a sentence using the word sluggish?

I'm feeling very sluggish today because I got so little sleep last night.

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