95 4.3l vortec- new fuel pump fuel press good injectors not spraying no ses light in dash?

I have had a similar expierence. I replaced my fuel pressure regulator attached to the spider injector and it ran great for 2-3 months. It then startd running like a lawn mower so I took it in to the dealer to have a tech. inspect it and scoped. The diagnosis is I have a "poppet" nozzle stuck open and dumping fuel into the cycinder. My ses light came on blinking to allow me to see the problem is harmful to my catalist converter.(fuel not being ignited). If yours is stuck shut then you may feel a loss in power or have had a misfire code show. also do the simple stuff, change fuel line filter.

I am FORCED into replacing the spider injector$300.00 and since I have the Intake manifold off I'll replace the rotor,cap and do the plugs and wires with oil change.