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Most likely not, its probably just condensation in the pipes. If it was an engine problem, it would be a blown head gasket and if the car hasn't been running really hot that's probably not your problem.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 07:52:46
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Q: 95 Ford Laser Not driven for 1 year but started frequently Recently I have noticed water coming from the exhaust pipe Could this be a sign of serious engine problem?
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Because there is a problem, and you don't realise it!

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When a 350 Chevy pops and shots flames out of exhaust is it a distribributor problem?

Probably. Could also be a timing chain problem.

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Excess water in Kia Rio exhaust?

Please describe your problem more? When is there water in the exhaust? When the car is cold, hot, just started, after running for some time?