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Usually that noise is caused by a slipping serpentine belt. When you first start, the alternator is creating a lot of extra electrical power to recharge the battery. During that time the alternator is more difficult to turn and if the belt is even slightly loose or the tensioner is marginal, it will make that terrible noise.


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There are two probable causes. Assuming you are talking about a car fan, the screeching can come from a mis-alignment of the fan withing the cowl or shroud that conducts air to and from the fan. If you are talking about a home HVAC unit, the screeching probably comes from a slipping drive belt (or a tired hamster).

Eagles make a screeching noise

The three species of the Death's-head Hawkmoth are all able to make a screeching noise. The moths are found in Europe and Asia.

A Ford Mustang Shelby GT is a sports car you can drive on the road. It has a loud noise and can only take 2 people and can drive very fast.

good chance the fan belt is slipping when driving may need tightning up this wouold cause a screeching noise.

Example:Kernel sentence:The man investigated the noise.Then:The tall, dark-haired man investigated the screeching noise.The tall, dark-haired man fearlessly investigated the screeching noise.The tall, dark-haired man from next door fearlessly investigated the screeching noise.The tall, dark-haired man from next door, who moved in yesterday, fearlessly investigated the screeching noise which was coming from the car.

they make a screeching sound

A vehicle's starter will being making a loud screeching noise if it does not align properly with the flywheel. It slams against the flywheel and grinds against the surface.

I have a screeching sound in my pick up when it gets up to 2000 rpms. Does not make the noise while idling and starts fine.

whst causes screeching sound when i turn the key in my car?

THE problem was the fan just in front of the radiator the bearing in it was seized I solved this by puuting some grease on it!!

Yes, they make a screeching sound.

If it is a loud screeching noise it is because they are loose and need to be tightened up, and or they are old and worn out

Assuming it is screeching in the area of the belt and pulleys, my problem was that the belt tensioner had seized and needed to be replaced. Noise problem was solved.

If the sound is like a loud screeching. That comes on and off. Then one of your belts is rubbing and might be damaged. So i suggest that you inspect them.

The screeching noise is most likely the blower motor. Either the motor itself is bad or the fan blades are striking the housing. Run the heat without defrost and see if the noise is the same. Also check at different fan speeds to see if the noise changes.

Its kind of a grinding screeching metal on metal noise.

If it is not your belt, check your pulleys and tensioner. It also depends on what type of vehicle you have. Sometimes the idler pulley will screech. Hope this helps.

It could be a couple of things but by tour description of a screeching sound, it sounds like it could be the fan out of alighnment, which is pretty common

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