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97 aurora stalls after warmed up and during rugged acceleration SES light comes on then when braking idle goes to 500 and then dies have read posts where might be FPR or cam shaft sensor?


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2010-03-18 23:23:38
2010-03-18 23:23:38

These vehicles very often have problems with the torque converter clutch...(TCC) if after warming up your torque converter clutch is getting stuck in the engaged mode this could easily stall your engine when coming to a complete stop.Since your check engine light is on Have someone "pull" the "codes" and see if you get "TCC" malfunction as one of them. I received advice from a friend of mine who has been rebuilding transmissions for 25 years, and he advises... for this problem first try a product called ... what i believe was Dr. Tranny..... shudder fix or something like that


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