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97 dodge stratus has a loud hummimg noise in back of car only when moving?


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2009-06-21 14:38:58
2009-06-21 14:38:58

probably a wheel bearing

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Where is the noise coming from? If its from the fenders or wheels is a much different problem than if its coming from the transaxle.

Most likely the power steering belt is old and should be replaced.

Probably it's a low battery, though it could be a bad starter. You are probably hearing the starter solenoid clicking.

Bad axle maybe? Does it do it when you turn one way or another? Check to see if the cv boots are torn.

A) Check your outboard CV joint (axle) Ryan B) Check your galiper pin if it is tight

A squeaking noise coming from the glove box on a 2003 Dodge Ram might be the heater blower fan. Try oiling the fan to see if it will stop. It could also mean that a screw is missing from the dash and the squeaking noise is the dash moving a little in that area.

Because they have moving parts, such as the sails, and all moving things on land make a noise.

Sounds like the fuel pump is what is noisy. The fuel filter could be plugged, or the pump could be failing.

Yes Both Dodge stealth's and Stealth fighters make noise

from where?probably bad hub bearing.but could be engine or trans relatedneed mroe info about when it does the noise and how fast and if in gear or traveling or what

Yes it does if the car is moving. Because the CV joint is part of the axil if the car is moving the bad CV joint will be moving too. or No it will not make noise if the car is in neutral and the car is not moving.

Trains make that noise because of the trains engines and pistons moving or huffing.

If you aren't moving and it is making the noise, it may be the transmission or engine. if you are moving and it makes it, it could be a joint or a worn disc brake. If you aren't moving it is definitely not a joint.

A dodge caravan may be experiencing rear brake noise due to needing new brake pads. This may also be due to worn rotors.

No, it shouldn't make any kind of peculiar noise at all.

It could make a grinding type noise when moving slow. A "whirrr" type whine when moving faster. The grinding noise may change to a clunking noise when turning the wheel. Any of these noises means "fix me now or else."

A bad noise suppression condenser. Usually attached to the alternator.

Yes, they tend to do that. They have a lot of moving parts.

drive belts tensioner/under chassis

Its not your brakes making the noise. Most liklly your CV joint is warn out.

How do you replace an alternator on 2008 dodge Avenger? My car is making a whining noise and this may be the problem.

It may be the Idler pulley. I used to have a 96 Breeze with a 2.0L 4cyl that made a whining noise. I thought something might be seriously wrong, but then i discovered it was just the Idler pulley making noise. I changed it-- no more noise.

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