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98-900s how do you discharge ac?

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Highly against the law to discharge ac . The ac must me evacuated with a reclaimer machine. Any auto shop or junk yard will do it for a reasonable fee.If the ac has leaked off by itself it can be opened, if not you do not want to release the cfc into the atmosphere $10,000 fine.

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Why capacitor charges on AC only?

Capacitors charge (and discharge) on both AC and DC.

How does capacitor discharge while ac supply is on?

For part of the AC voltage wave, the capacitor will be above the source voltage, and will discharge until the AC voltage wave increases above the capacitor's stored voltage.

Do you have to discharge the ac when replacing AC clutch?

no, unless u have to remove the compressor unit. The clutch can be replaced with out removing the compressor if you have room to do it.

Comparration diameter size of suction and discharge?

The diameter of the discharge line leaving the ac compressor would be smaller than the suction line, because the compressed gas in the discharge line is more dense.

When you discharge ac system will ac work?

A refrigerant (freon) is required for an A/C system to cool. Therefore, no, the A/C should not work is the freon is removed.

Why is discharge line leaving outside unit cold on central ac?

The expansion device inside the outside unit expands the refrigerant gas and as a result, the discharge lines chills

What is the type of an inverter that can discharge at multiple outputs either DC or AC?

i want to use this type of inverter for my project.

How do you discharge ac compressor before removing it?

You need a certified shop to do this. You cannot legally perform this operation on your own.

How do you replace the AC clutch on a 2002 Honda Civic?

To replace the AC clutch discharge the freon, remove the clips, and remove the screws under the bumper. Remove the driver side headlight, and bolts.

What should the temperature of air from the AC vents be?

normally 15to 20 degree split between return air and discharge..

Where is the low side and which is the high side of the ac on 99 F150?

The low side will be on the accumulator and the high side will be on the discharge line.....

How do you short an ac capacitor?

By connecting the two leads together. Not sure what you mean by an AC capacitor. They store a DC voltage or pass an AC signal. If it is a large capacitor used in mains power supplies, it is best to discharge it before working on it, to avoid an electric shock. In this case it is best to discharge it using a resistor of about 100k. If you cause a dead short, the large current can either burn you, or cause the capacitor to explode.!

How a Seminar on Why can not you store AC power in battery like DC power?

WE can not change the AC power because AC power has two magnitudes one positive and the another one is negative.when we store the AC power in positive half cycle it store the energy and in the negative half cycles it discharge the energy so it is not possible for store the AC power like DC power

Can a capacitor be charged with an ac supply?

No. A capacitor can only be charged with a DC supply, or with an AC supply rectified with a diode, essentially making it a DC supply. If you put AC across a capacitor it will act like a short circuit. Capacitors pass AC current through them. Each half of the alternating current will charge and then discharge the plates, causing an AC flow through it.

Replacing Head gasket 96 Ranger 2.3 4 cylinder?

My complete question is "Do I have to discharge AC syatem or can I simply move out of way?" Shop manual says discharge syatem and remove compressor but somnetimest they Lie!!!

How do you drain ac freon?

From what ive heard, you shouldn't discharge it into the atmosphere. Some places do use a machine where they discharge the R-134a coolant into a machine where its filtered and recycled. Jiffy Lube does this...

How do you recharge AC on 1984 Chevy c-10?

Connect the pressure gauge to the high pressure port. Discharge your Freon into the low pressure port. Stop the Freon discharge when the Freon engage reaches the appropriate level.

How come my window air conditioner has no water discharge?

It probably does- you just do not see it. Newer AC units have a "slinger" fan. Condensed water is caught by the outside fan, and blown into droplets. This eliminates the trickle of water dribbling from the AC.

Where is the ac high pressure switch on a 1996 Plymouth breeze?

It is located on the discharge side of the compressor. On a 2.4L engine you will need to jack the vehicle up to get to it.

What is wrong if you have a new AC and humidity odor but there are no water leaks in the house?

If the "humidity odor" was not present before the AC was installed then it probally comes from water building up on the evaporator coils but not draining properly outside. AC units remove water from the air and discharge it outside. If it does not drain then it will turn back into water at the AC unit, stagnate and create an odor. Hope that helps.

What is the coefficient of discharge?

Coefficient of discharge of an ideal liquid can be defined as a ratio of actual discharge and theoretical discharge. where, Cofficient of discharge = Actual Discharge/ Theoretical discharge.

Use of choke in tubelight?

Choke has got two functions. Initially it raises the ac voltage to some 350 V so as to initiate the discharge of electricity through mercury vapour. Once the discharge becomes activated then low voltage about 110 V is enough to maintain the discharge through mercury vapour. This is supplied by the same choke.

Charge air conditioning 1998 Dodge Durango?

There are ports on your ac lines (similar to tire valves) Buy a can of R-134 & plug it in to discharge. Instructions on can.

What is a sentence for discharge?

Where are my discharge papers? The electric discharge killed him.

How do you discharge a air condition in a car?

Have an AC shop evacuate the system. Some shops will recharge the system after repairs and not charge for refrigerant, they just give you yours back.