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I belive there is a recall on the turn siganl switch for those cars, I would check about that first, call a GM dealer with your VIN and they can tell you if it is included in the recall and whether it has been done already or not. I doubt that will solve all of your problems, but it couldn't hurt.

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Has anyone had problems with losing a d ring on the ski platform on their Malibu boat?

I have a Malibu wakesetter and we lost the D bolt once before because the safety catch came off. Just go to your local Malibu dealer and they can order them in for you

Sell car with a broken odometer?

Anyone can sell a car with a broken odometer legally by disclosing in the bill of sale that the "true mileage is unknown". Contact your local DMV - some states (I believe California is one of them) which forbids any car to be sold, or operated without a functioning odometer.

Anyone know what the wheel bolt torque specification is for the 2008 Malibu?

100 Ft. Lbs

Who recommends contributors on WikiAnswers?

Anyone, whether registered or not, can recommend a contributor on WikiAnswers.Common methods include:Clicking Recommend on user profiles.Clicking Recommend on user contribution pages.Clicking Recommend next to the name of the last editor of an answer to a question.

The windows on a 04 Malibu stopped working does anyone have any suggestions?

Check the fuse in the panel on driver side door

To replace input speed sensor on a2000 Malibu 3.1 does anyone know where it is located on the tranny?

it should be on front of transmission.

Your '93 Nissan Altima makes a clicking noise when you the electricity turns on the engine will start but the clicking noise doesn't stop Anyone know what this is?

You need to check your starter or your starter selenoid.

Has anyone ever touched the bottom of the ocean?

No, they haven't, because it is too deep and there would be hazards on the way.(Sharks,etc).

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Malibu?

Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet; the stat is in there. this does not tell me anything it is not located here! anyone could say this thats where most cars places for the thermostat is. but not on a 2002 Malibu. This answer is useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone had the rear window of a new Malibu just explode out we opened and closed the trunk and then the rear window blew into a million bits of safety glass?

It was not a new Malibu, but new to us, the rear defrost over heated (in the summer) and blew my window into a million tiny pieces.

Does anyone have a 2002 Chevy Malibu that engine light stays on car runs fine right now?

Check your pcv valve or your gas cap :P

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What do you need to do if your speedometer and odometer stopped working on your 1990 Toyota pickup?

This happend on one of my cares. It was just a cable that needed to be changed under the hood. I am sure anyone at napa or autozone can help you out.

Saturn odometer does not regester mileage?

I have the same problem a 2000 Saturn sc2 the odometer is diglital lights, regesters 50046 and does not change. Does anyone know if I can change with a junk yard cluster and have it work? dealer seams to think it,s the cluster but wants 500 dollars. would the black box send the correct milage on the car now or would the odometer show the milage from the salvage unit? Or would it not work at all. Sory to answer a question with a question Thanks all Pete

1990 Lebaron convertible first thing that quit working was the odometer then the intermittent wiper speeds and last the trip meter. I checked all the fuses has anyone else had this problem?

Our odometer/tripmeter also just stopped working at 220,000 miles. This is an integral part of the speedometer assembly, and cannot be repaired. The entire speedometer must be replaced.

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Well anyone can get money from Play And Earn but superstars can get it by clicking add coins on your name card. You can pick how many coins you want and it will add it!

What about the price of a postcard?

post cards on club penguin cost 10 coins can earn coins by playing games,drilling in the mines,and most likely being a secret agent,tour guide or can send postcards to anyone on the site,by clicking on their avatar and clicking "send postcard."

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The turn signals and hazards on my 1998 Hyundai accent have stopped working. Fuse is fine. Can anyone suggest something to try?

Try Replacing the Blubs since the Fuse is Fine

How much oil is contained in a Chevrolet 350 V8 hydraulic valve lifter?

That is one thec. question, That hardly anyone would care about as long as it loads up and stops clicking.

Ball python and it was sick well still is but he makes a clicking sound with his mouth and the left side of his mouth gets suck to were he cant open it can anyone help you?

The obvious answer.. TAKE IT TO A VET

I have a 2001 Chevy venture van that is making a clicking noise when you are driving but not when it is idling anyone have an idea of what it could be?

I have a 2003 Chevy venture. Mine was doing this and it ended up being the wheel bearing.

You have a 88 trans am with a TPI 305 its been sitting a while and won't start can anyone help you out is the starter bad or the solenoid?

signs of a bad starter solinoid should be a slight clicking and no-crank

Can the odometer on a 2002 ford f150 be changed?

It's illegal to change odometer in most (if not all) states.ODOMETER TAMPERING One important indicator of a vehicle's value and reliability is the mileage. Consumers rely on an accurate odometer reading to provide an exact count of the vehicle's mileage. Precisely because mileage is so important in determining a car's value, those selling vehicles may be tempted to turn back a vehicle's odometer.To protect consumers, the federal government passed a law called the Federal Odometer Act. Anyone purchasing a vehicle in the United State is protected by this Act. Under the Act, it is unlawful to tamper with an odometer in order to change the mileage registered. Tampering can take a number of different forms, all of them illegal. For example, it is a violation of the Act to drive a vehicle with a disconnected odometer (which therefore would not register the miles), or to install or sell a device that make the odometer record mileage inaccurately. It is also a violation to manually reduce the number of miles on the odometer.If you discover a violation of the Act within two years of your purchase, you can bring a suit against the individual or dealership that sold you the vehicle. The law requires you to prove the seller's intent to deceive. That means you must show that the odometer was changed in order to make it seem like the vehicle had less mileage on it, as opposed to being altered by accident. In most cases of odometer tampering, this may be difficult to prove. The harder part is discovering that your odometer has been tampered with in the first place.If you are successful in your suit against the seller, you are entitled to the greater of either $1,500 or three times the amount of actual damages. Actual damages would be the difference between the price you paid for the vehicle and what is was really worth at its true mileage. The seller can also be ordered to pay your attorney's fees and costs if you win.In addition, to violations of federal law, odometer tampering can also be the subject of legal action under state statutes and administrative codes and under Wisconsin fraud and misrepresentation statutes. If you suspect your vehicle's odometer was turned back or tampered with please contact an attorney at 414-476-5700 or by submitting a Case Review Form.How to spot a car with a turned-back odometer.â–ª Make sure mileage and wear make sense.â–ª Take a long, careful look at the vehicle. Does the condition match the miles on the odometer? Is there excessive wear in the interior, especially in the driver's area? Look for maintenance stickers, warranties or other paperwork that might indicate a higher mileage.â–ª Are the miles low, but the tires new or mismatched? The date that the tire was manufactured can be determined by coded numbers on the tire.â–ª Have parts been replaced that normally would not have been replaced on a low mileage vehicle? Pay attention to parts such as batteries, hoses and clamps, and fan or air conditioning belts.â–ª Make sure the current mileage on the odometer statement is greater than the mileage on the title.â–ª Do an odometer check at for free.If you suspect the vehicle's odometer was turned back, please contact Attorney Craig Vance at 262-347-2005 or use the Case Review Form.

How can you send casino gold to a friend in Zynga poker?

One can send casino gold to friends in Zynga Poker by clicking on send gift. They can then choose to send casino gold to anyone on their friends list.

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