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just a suggestion and you probably already looked but newer cars sometimes have a sensor in or on the overflow tank Did you check to see if level is between min and max

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How long do most auto radiators last before they need to be fixed or replaced?

You can get about ten to fifteen years on your radiator before you would have to change it. You are going to need to flush your coolant about every 60,000 miles to ensure that your radiator stays good and does not get clogged.

Why there is coolant in the exhaust pipe and the smoke looks normal?

You may have a cracked head or bad head gasket. The car will start to overheat from lack of coolant if you don't check the radiator coolant and refill it, if it's low. You need to get the car repaired or replaced before it breaks down and leaves you stranded .

How do you do a radiator flush on a 1995 Saturn?

The radiator on a 1995 Saturn is flushed by draining the coolant, refilling the engine with water, and adding a flush. It is allowed to circulate and drain before refilling with coolant.

Do you have to drain the engine coolant before replacing a water pump on a 96 cav 2.2 I mean is the coolant going to pore out after I take the pump off?

Most, if not all, the coolant in the radiator reservoir will pour out when you pull the water pump. Drain the radiator and save the coolant (if you plan to re-use it) before removing the water pump.

You'v replaced your thermostat and radiator on your 1983 cutlass and its still overheating what is causing it to still overheat could it be the water pump?

i would have replaced water pump long before replacing radiator. also check engine oil to see if it has engine coolant mixed in.if it has then the problem is more likely to be a bad head gasket

Where is the electronic coolant temp sensor located on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

Usually on the coolant outlet just before the upper radiator hose.

How do you add coolant to a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?

Adding coolant to a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am is very easy to do. The coolant can be directly added to the radiator. Make sure the engine is not hot before adding the coolant.

How do you change a radiator on a 2001 Pontiac Montana?

Before changing the radiator on a 2001 Pontiac Montana the coolant must first be drained. After the drain remove the radiator mounts, fans, and hoses. Pull the radiator upwards.

What does a car water pump do?

A vehicles water pump circulates coolant ( water and antifreeze ) through the engine and to the heater core and the radiator. The coolant is warmed up in the engine and the coolant carries the heat to the radiator where it cooled down before being recirculated through the engine again.

How do you remove radiator from Toyota starlet?

A radiator is held on the mounting brackets. Before removing the radiator on a Toyota Starlet it will need its coolant drained. Remove all the mounting bolts and disconnect the hoses to pull the radiator off.

What would make a 1990 Mazda rx7 overheat?

If you are using the OEM radiator and it has never been replaced then some of the core may have collapsed blocking flow. If there is a lot of brown in your coolant this may be a good indicator of this. I recommend flushing the coolant system before moving to more expensive alternatives.

1997 Monte Carlo overheating only leaking coolant through reserve Replaced thermostat radiator water pump and intake gasket Hopefully not too costly Just replaced tranny before overheating started?

can the gasket go bad behind the water pump houseing

What is Small block Chevrolet coolant flow path?

Coolant enters the water pump from the lower radiator hose. The water pump pumps coolant into both sides of the engine block towards the rear of the block. Coolant then flows up into the cylinder heads and flows toward the front of the heads before crossing over into the intake manifold and up to the thermostat. Coolant then flows through the thermostat into the upper radiator hose back into the radiator.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a Mercury Mountaineer?

When facing the front of the Mercury Mountaineer, the drain plug is on the lower left of the radiator. Place a bucket under the drain plug spigot before loosening to catch the coolant. To empty the radiator, turn the drain plug three-quarters of a turn. Tighten the drain plug before re-filling with coolant.

How do you know if the exhaust is getting in the coolant When you have the radiator cap off before the car warms up there are lots of bubbles?

If your exhaust is getting in your coolant, you have a reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy major malfunction.

Do you need a thermostaic in radiator?

The thermostat is generally found in the engine where the coolant exits the engine block before it gets to the radiator. And yes, a thermostat is necessary for todays engines.

Where is coolant running in the front of the engine?

In cars and trucks the radiator is up front to get air before it can get heated by the engine.

Ive replaced the water pump the radiator the thermostat so why does your car still heat up you have to add more water every two days?

Find out where you're leaking. Anything that causes the coolant to leak out is cause for concern. Fill the radiator. Leave the radiator cap off and start the engine. Watch for bubbles. If there are quite a few bubbles and the coolant wants to blow out even before the engine gets warm, you might have a head gasket problem.

What if I forgot to dilute the coolant before I put it in the car?

You should drain radiator and then add a proper 50/50 mixture.

I have a coolant leak on a 1996 Mercury Sable Since there is no traditional radiator cap can the additives that are supposed to stop coolant leaks be added to the expansion tank?

No. The expansion tank will not let coolant drain into the radiator. Doing this will cause the whole system to be clogged up. WHO POSTED THIS MISSINFORMATION. OPEN A REPAIR MANUAL BEFORE YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS.

What does coolant level low mean?

You need to add coolant to your radiator or resivoir. You should add a mixture of ant-freeze and water, but if you need to, you can just add water. Under the hood there should be a plastic "container" that you add the coolant to. If this is completely empty, fill it to the "full" level (it should be marked) and then remove the radiator cap and check the level there as well. If the radiator is low top it off. NOTE: make sure the engine is cool before you remove the radiator cap. If you are not sure let it sit 2-3 hours before you remove the cap.

Why would there be no coolant in your radiator but the overflow tank is full?

more than likely your radiator is froze not allowing it to run through your system causing the pressure and it all goes to you resivour. you should flush your radiator before you crack your block

Why is my radiator fan running continusly on mercedes E200 2000 model?

The radiator fan is designed to run continuously while the engine is running so that the temperature of the coolant can be lowered. The coolant is continuously run through the engine, collecting engine heat and dispersing it over the radiator fins; while the fan blows the fins and cooling off the coolant before recirculating back through the engine in a continuous cycle.

How do you change the engine coolant on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

Go to a Toyota dealer and buy a gallon of coolant, and underneath the radiator will be a drain petcock (descripion of a petcock will be in the owners manual. remove radiator cap, open petcock and drain coolant into a suitable receptacle for recycling. after it is finished draining, tighten petcock and slowly fill radiator w/fresh coolant, being careful not to get any air bubbles in cooling system. start engine, turn on the heat, and put the fan on the lowest speed and watch until the cooling fans cycle twice. reinstall radiator cap and replenish level and coolant overflow bottle. coolant change is complete. verify you get hot air from system before closing radiator cap. good luck.

Why is your 200 Lincoln ls overheating after a new thermostat was installed never over heated before install and the thermostat is installed correctlyhow do i correctly burp the system?

You should be able to run the car with the radiator cap off and when the thermostat opens, it will suck in the coolant and then top it off. Either that or there must be a bleeder screw atop the thermostat housing for bleeding.