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Tepid. Frigid is very very cold; torrid is very very hot.

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Is Zaire a torrid or temperature or frigid zone?

torrid zone

Is London in torrid temperate or frigid?


What is the analogy for extreme?


What types of plants and animals live in torrid temperate frigid zone?

Different types of plants and animals live in torrid temperature zones compared to frigid zones. Tropical animals such as parrots and monkeys live in torrid temperatures zones. Plants like banana and coconut trees are in torrid zones. Animals like polar bears and arctic foxes live in frigid zones.

What are the earths three major climate zones?

Torrid, Temperate , and Frigid.

What are the 3 zones of the Earth?

the three zones of the earth are frigid, temperate and torrid zone

What are the three zones determined by latitude?

torrid zone,temperate zone and frigid zone

Name of heat zone of the earth?

temperate zone torrid zone and frigid zone

What are the three heat zones?

three heat zones are-torrid zonetemperature zonefrigid zone

What are the four regions of the earth?

Four regions on the Earth are Torrid ZoneTemperate ZoneFrigid Zone

What are the four major climate zones?

according to me i know 3 major climate zones:- torrid temperate frigid

What 5 countries are located in the temperate climate zone?

five important countries in torrid ,temperate,frigid zone

Heat zones of the Earth?

there are three heat zones of the earth namely torrid zone , temperate zone and frigid zone

How is the arctic made of ice and snow and why is it so cold?

Arctic falls in the Frigid zone. The areas of the earth is divided in to zones viz torrid zone, frigid zone, temperate zone(both south and northern hemisphere) based on the amount of sunlight it receives. The presence of arctic is in such a way that it gets minimum sunlight compared to the torrid zone where the exposure to sunlight is maximum. Areas in torrid zone, temperate zones gets considerable amount of sunlight compared to frigid zone which makes arctic cold and thus leads to formation of ice from water bodies present in arctic. The same is applicable to both the poles of the earth arctic and antarctic. While the above is basically correct, it should be noted that these climate zone delineations (frigid, torrid, and temperate) were devised by the Greeks and are terribly simplistic (and very much antiquated) representations of the Earth's climate today!

What other words can be used to describe cool?

chill, frigid

What other word is there for cold?

frigid frosty icy cool

What are the three different climate zones of the world?

the three zones of the world are 1.the torrid zone 2.the temperate zone 3.the frigid zone

Is Ottawa in torrid temperate or frigid zone?

It is a temperate zone which means that the sun is not directly overhead, and we experience the four seasons with temperatures that range from cold to warm.

What is an adjective-noun riddle that rhyme with frigid pond?

cool pool

What are some antonyms for the word ardent?

frigid, unenthusiastic, cold, indifferent, dispassionate, cool

What are cool words with F and R?

Cool words with the letters f and 4 include freeze, frozen, frost, frigid, etc.

What are heat zones?

on the basis of amount of solar radiation recieved by earth surface it is divided into three heat zone.1-Torrid Zone 2-Temperate Zone 3-Frigid Zone

What is a snowy desert?

A desert is a region whose mean annual precipitation is 0 or very little more. A snowy desert, such as Antarctica, is a desert that is frigid rather than torrid but the rule remains.

What are synonyms of unresponsive?

Cold, cool, frigid, insensitive, passive, unemotional, unfeeling. Source:

What are regions of earth?

The North Frigid Zone, north of the Arctic CircleThe North Temperate Zone, between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of CancerThe Torrid Zone, between the Tropical CirclesThe South Temperate Zone, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic CircleThe South Frigid Zone, south of the Antarctic Circle