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Rent a tranny jack. All the internal components are available. the tranny swap is easy, make sure the clutch is good, no use pulling the tranny twice.

first off, what type of trans do you have ( manftr / speeds-gears ) with that type of horse power i hope it's an 18 speed. if you don't have a trans cooler - get one! this will help. remember all that horse power breaks things. use it only when neccesary. my 87 359 has 500hp and my 88 379 has 675hp. easy is the key to cool.

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2008-03-16 23:54:27
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Q: A 2004 peterbilt truck has a 900 cat engine and the transmission blew how can you fix the transmission yourself?
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How do you install peterbilt water pump?

Depends on the make and model of the engine, not the truck.

Which truck is stronger peterbilt or kenworth?

Whichever one has the more powerful drivetrain setup. I mean, you take a Kenworth and a Peterbilt, give them the same engine, transmission, rear end gears, and tires, you're not going to notice any power difference.

What truck is tougher peterbilt or western star?

Overall, a Western star truck is a tougher truck than a Peterbilt.

Where can you get a service manual for your 2005 peterbilt truck?

Try a Peterbilt dealership.

What type of truck is prime in transformers?

Peterbilt truck

How do you adjust governor on cummins engine in peterbilt truck?

Change speed? It has to be done at a shop. They plug computer to truck and change speed with the computer.

What is inside the power steering reservoir besides the filter on a peterbilt truck?

Automatic Transmission Fluid meeting DOT3 specifications.

What transmission fits a 1991 gmc truck 5.7 liter engine?

That truck should have the 700R4 transmission in it.

How much does a peterbilt truck weigh?

There are many different Peterbilt trucks. Be more specific.

Where can one find a Peterbilt truck dealership in the province of Ontario Canada?

One can acess a great deal of Peterbilt truck dealerships in Ontario, Canada. One Peterbilt truck dealership is located on 7 Cochrane Drive (Waterloo).

What is the chassis of a car?

peterbilt dump truck

Can peterbilt gliders be set up for a older engine?

Yes. That's the whole purpose of a glider, so that you can get a current truck and use a pre-emissions engine in it.

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