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A cartoon character that was created in the 1928?


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Minerva "Minnie" Mouse and Mickey Mouse.

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Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928 in 'Plane Crazy' .

The cartoon character was created by both Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney in 1928 .

Mickey Mouse was created, not discovered. He is an animated cartoon character created by Walt Disney in 1928.

Mickey Mouse is an iconic animal cartoon character. He has been around for a long time. He was created by Walt Disney Studios in 1928.

'Tin Tin' is a Belgian cartoon character created by Herge' .

Mickey Mouse (or Michell Mouse) was created by Walt Disney and his first appearance was in 1928 in a cartoon called Plane Crazy !!!

The cartoon character The Pink Panther, is an animated character. The three individuals that created the cartoon character were: Blake Edwards, Friz Freleng, and Hawley Pratt.

The cartoon character 'Pluto' was created by both Norm Ferguson and Walt Disney .

No, Mickey Mouse is a fictional character created by Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, and Les Clark at the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1928.

Created in 1914, Gertie the Dinosaur was most likely the first animated female cartoon character.

"Steamboat Willie" (1928) animated by the Disney Studios is the first fully synchronized cartoon .

The cartoon character Scrooge McDuck was created in 1947. He is licensed by the Walt Disney company and named after Ebenezer Scrooge from the novel A Christmas Carol.

The character Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney studios in 1928. His original name was Mortimaer Mouse, but Walt's wife Lillian convinced him to change it. Mickey Mouse's first cartoon (a screen test) was a short called "Plane Crazy." But his first official screen appearance was in the classic "Steamboat Willie" in 1928.

The first named character might be Pluto in 1930.

Mickey Mouse was created by both Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney in 1928 and this fictional animated character went on to become an icon for the Walt Disney Company as well as a significant source of revenue .

aeon flux created by Peter Chung

The author of Garfield is Jim Davis.

Pogo Possum who was created by Walt Kelly .

Walter Lantz created "Woody Woodpecker" who debuted in the cartoon 'Knock Knock' (1940 cartoon) .

Thomas Rowlandson(1757-1827) created Dr Syntaxin1809

No , the comic book character is most likely to be found in a comic book whereas a cartoon character will be found within a TV cartoon are as a character in a cartoon comic strip .

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