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A device which controls the rate of nuclear fission reactions is called?

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control system

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A device which controls the rate of nuclear fission reactions is called a?

control rod nuclear reactor

The energy from chain reactions involving nuclear fission is called?

nuclear energy

How is a nuclear fission reaction controlled in a nuclear reactor?

Reactions that involve nuclei, called nuclear reactions, result in a tremendous amount of energy. Two types are fission and fusion.

The process in which each split atom gives up neutrons?

The act of an atom splitting is called nuclear fission. In nuclear fission where we see neutrons emerge with fission fragments, and we then see those neutrons initiate other fission reactions is called a nuclear fission chain reaction.

What is it called when nuclear fission is repeated?

It is called nuclear chain fission reaction.

Why is it called Nuclear Fission?

It is called nuclear fission as in this process the heavy nuclei are split into fragments (or fission products).

Division of nuclear material is called?

Nuclear fission

What is an atom fission machine called?

An atomic fission machine (device) might be called a nuclear reactor or a nuclear weapon.

When uranium atoms split what is it called?

This phenomenon is called nuclear fission.Nuclear fission of uranium-235 release a huge energy.

Why is fission called nuclear?

The process of nuclear fission involves splitting the nucleus of an atom into two smaller nuclei.

Is nuclear chain reaction is called fusion?

No The nuclear chain reaction is called nuclear fission not fusion,

What is the separation of neutrons called?

Nuclear Fission

What is it called when an atom splits?

nuclear fission

What is the nuclear reaction called when atoms split?

The nuclear reaction when atoms split is called fission. Fission is where atoms split into smaller particles or atoms.

The splitting of an atom and nucleus into two smaller nuclei is called?

The splitting of an atomic nucleus into smaller nuclei is called nuclear fission.

What is the process of the production of lighter nuclei from heavier nuclei called. Nuclear radiation nuclear force fusion or fission?

this is the result of nuclear fission

Which is more dangerous nuclear fission or nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fission Is definitely more dangerous just look at what the atom bomb called "fat man"

Occurs when the nuclei of uranium atoms are split apart?

This phenomenon is called nuclear fission.Nuclear fission is the source of energy for nuclear reactors and atomic bombs.

What is it called when uranium atoms split?

Nuclear fission

What is the splitting of nuclei of atoms?

This is called nuclear fission

What is breaking apart the nucleus called?

nuclear fission

How it's called the splitting of the atom?

Nuclear fission

What have chain reactions got to do with nuclear fission?

The fission process in a nuclear reactor which produces the thermal energy used in the steam cycle, is called a chain reaction because nuclei of U-235 and Pu-239 fission on absorbing a neutron, and the fission causes further neutrons to be released, thus a self sustaining reaction is started which is controlled to run at a steady power level.

What are reactions that affect the nucleus of an atom called?

Nuclear Reactions

Why is the nuclear fission of uranium called a chain reaction?

The nuclear fission of uranium is not a chain decay. The radioactive disintegration of uranium is a decay chain.

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