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Yes that is the primary disadvantage of visible satellite imagery.

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How can you see a tornado on satellite image?

You can't. Tornadoes descend from thunderstorms, and so cannot be seen from above. You can, however, see the thunderstorms in a satellite image. See the link below for a satellite time lapse of storms tha produce tornadoes.

What does satellite image in geography mean?

It means looking at an image, a picture, taken by a satellite.

What is a visible image?

Quite simply, a visible image is an image that is clear and perfectly able to be seen through the naked eye.

Is google earth a live telecast or satelitte image?

Satellite Image.

What do you call the person that takes satellite images for maps?

The satellite image taker?

How do satellites gather data for satellite image?

Satellites gather data from a satellite image by using electronic devices to collect computer data

What can a satellite image show you that a political map can't?

The satellite image shows topography, natural and manmade features without political borders.

In relation to a microscopewhat is magnification and resolution?

Magnification is the amount by which the image you see will be larger than the actual object, ie. if the image you see appears to be twice as large as the original object then it will be a 2x magnification. (magnification = size of image / size of object) Resolution is the smallest possible visible thing on the enlarged image. On a satellite picture the resolution may be 1m2 meaning that anything smaller is not visible on that picture. In the case of an electron microscope, for example, anything smaller than 1 electron will not be visible using the electron microscope.

What are the disadvantages of image editing?

The disadvantage of image editing is it changes the true value of the picture.

How would the colors in a satellite image of an area compare with a color photograph of the same area?

The satellite image will have more realistic surface of the Earth compared to photograph.

In what form are data for a satellite image stored?


What does a satellite image measure?

it measures your brain size

How do you do mapping of the earth's weather?

Satellite imaging. If you superimpose a satellite image of the Earth at a specific point with a satellite image of air pressure, and then expand those two images forward in time, you can get a decent estimate of what the whether is and is going to be at that point.

Why visible satellite images can produce in the daylight hours?

Visible images are only of use when taken during daylight hours because they require sunlight to make the image exposure. Infrared images relies on temperature differences to distinguish between objects and can be taken at night or daytime.

How can you get a current satellite image?

You can get one of an address at zillow site. If you need an image of something else, specify.

What does the televison do?

A TV lets you see an image that is sent from a geostationary satellite in the stratosphere to a antenna or satellite on your house or the TV.

What are the two basic types of satellite image?

I do not know honey.

Areail photograph VS satellite image?

Areail photograph

How is Christ the image of the invisible God?

Christ is God> His blood is called the blood of God. Acts20:28 His physical body is the visible image of his invisible Spirit. Like how our body is the visible image of our invisible soul.

What layer is visible when viewing an image of the sun?


What type of satellite dish provides a clear tv image?


Where can you find a birds eye view picture of New York State?

You can go to Google Images and search true color satellite image of New York or Infrared satellite image of New York.

What is the definition of a polar satellite?

A polar satellite which revolves around the sun and collect the image, data and technical features around the sun.

Could a laser light with holograph see molecules and atoms?

No. Atoms and molecules are far smaller than the wavelengths of visible light, so light cannot be used to image them.

Can transparent objects let you see clearly through them?

Yes, transparent means you can clearly see through the object. Translucent means only light travels through, you cannot see a clear image, and opaque means no light or image is visible.