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A guy in my local cafe always stares at me but he won't start a conversation what do I do?


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2008-06-14 07:55:02
2008-06-14 07:55:02

Either speak to him or ignore him and forget it.

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The weather is always a good starting point. You can also mention something interesting about the city you're in or local or regional events...

stare him back, soon he will get the hint and will start talking to you. Or, if you have had enough of waiting go up to him and talk to him; ask him why he never talks to you apart from when you start the conversation or you could even make the first move.

To start a conversation there always start with a greet and to maintain, someone has to share something about their own or knowledge their partner and to ending its because you have to leave or the conversation getting boring.

Maybe he doesnt know how to start a conversation with someone he likes, maybe he is nervous around you.

well if you sit by him and he dosn't talk to you start a conversation

always start a conversation then make to be friends after a while tell her you like her

Girls always love it when you always start a talk with a little tickle. Ask them "what's up" and that always gets a conversation going

if he never starts a conversation and you always start them then he MIGHT not be interested so be careful

Generally guys are known to start the conversation first, so if she does she really wants to talk to you, if she doesn't, well its expected.

You start a conversation with girls by saying hello, introducing yourself and asking how they are!

if your now good friends, its easy to start a conversation. just start with a normal conversation that you would have with a other friend's. if your not just be nice and ask them Q's about how its going for them

Not always. You can start the conversation sometimes also. Most girls want the guy to text first, but sometimes he wants you to text first

if she smiles when she sees you and always trys to talk to you or brings up memories. or attempts to start conversation a lot

Well, he will always stare at you when your not looking or he would start a conversation with you so you talk to him

You could always ask him what kind of phone he has. You could also ask him if he has A pencil... it always works haha

Start with "Hi"; and tell him you like his shirt (or whatever) and as him where he got it.If that doesn't start a conversation then you aren't trying.

they will be flirtatious and nice to you an always want to start a general conversation with you they usually will get caught looking at you a few times here and there..:)

Ask her out, you won't know until you try. Plus, it seems like you like her, (atleast, to me), or you wouldn't be on here asking us about this. So go man up, and ask her out (IN PERSON).

You can start a conversation about a mutual friend, a television show, or even the weather.

Just be yourself. Then Try to start a conversation, common interests are always a good place to start. Try complimenting him, ask him about himself, but most of all be yourself!

I always find out if my friends is lying (which she does alot). I just have to start off a conversation with her friends and then change the conversation very slightly every moment. they will eventually slip out whatever they said behind your back- the truth...

Answer Start a conversation with her, perhaps invite her to join you for a coffee, or a drink at a local bar, preferrably not a bar where you are known and see where that takes you.

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