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Maybe he doesnt know how to start a conversation with someone he likes, maybe he is nervous around you.


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the same thing happens to me with one of the guys i like:)he smiles at me real cute but he does that to lots of girls

The duration of Everyone Stares is 1.23 hours.

yes...... this means the guy likes your friend.but if he never ever stares at her it can mean that the guy would just want to be friends with her for a reason. if he stares at her when no one notices him and does not stare at her when all are around...then that definetely means that the guy is crushing on your friend

If she stares at you and talks with her friends while lookin at you

When sometimes he teases you when he touches your hair when he says you like his friend when he talk and stares at you alot

Sometimes people don't always know what to say, perhaps this was his way of dealing with the hurtful comment your friend made?

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

i call my best friend yan but her name is Leanne and when i run around the playground coz im shouting yan everyone stares at me and my bother callums friend is called will but he calles him willywhat about u ?

Their friend may have already liked you or is jealous

then he might like you! don't listen to other people, only he can tell you whether he does or doesn't. i know a boy who stares at me all the time, but hes dating my best friend. he always says he hates me but everyone knows its not true, even if they wont say so. take my advice: GET IN THERE GIRL!!!

If he stares at you then he probably likes you and is too shy to approach you.AnswerGuys will let you know verbally if they are interested.Answerno i do so not agree, that's not true if a guy truly likes you it will depend what he does. If he has a shy personality then he will probably look or stare at you and if he has an outgoing personality then he will talk to you and stuff and ask you out

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when he talk about her alot or stares at her alot

No, it means he's interested in you too but too shy/nervous to make the first move. Just because he's outgoing with friends doesn't mean he's confident enough to reveal his feelings to a woman.

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