A major source of energy for your body comes from?

The major source of energy should come from carbohydrates. This includes foods fruits, vegetables, grains, sugary foods, and often processed foods. The best source of energy should come from fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains such as whole wheat, rye, barley, oatmeal and other grains. Unfortunately, the American diet and other cultures that include processed carbs, depend upon sugar, soda, candy, cakes, cookies, white rice, refined pasta, white bread, etc. Although these types of foods give us energy, they may miss the nutrients we need for good health. This is why the best sources of energy are apples, oranges, kiwifruit, grapes, carrots, broccoli, carrots, greens, asparagus, cauliflower, oatmeal, whole grain bread, potatoes with the skin, and many other wholesome carbohydrates. Some people eat a high level of protein -- beef, pork, turkey, chicken, fish, cheese, nuts, tofu, etc. This is not the best source of energy. Although protein is used to build muscles, repair damage in our bodies, etc., it does not make good fuel for energy. When we take in much more than we need, our bodies uses about 5 times the water we normally use to digest protein and use it as energy. This is not good especially if you're into sports or physical activity because high protein diets could dehydrate you. Hope this helps --- eat and live healthy!