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Leakage of microwave radiation past the door seal in a microwave oven.

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Q: A microwave leak detector can be used to check what?
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What is a microwave leak detector used for?

In general, a microwave leak detector is an electronic device used on microwave ovens to check for leaks around the door seal. The device "looks for" microwave energy that might be getting past the seals. There are a number of different types ranging from "cheapie" meters to "survey units" that cost hundreds of dollars and should be calibrated yearly.

A microwave leak detector is used for what?

Leakage of possibly harmful microwave radiation from an operating microwave oven due to damaged door seals etc.

What is detector mount in waveguide and its function?

used to detect the microwave signal

Is there such a thing as a microwave leak detector?

Yes. They are also called Microwave Oven Leakage Meters. I have seen some for sale for $10 or so. This meter is a small device you place next to your microwave's door and move it around the edge of the door to check for leaks. Note that these units are not like the ones used in shops by technicians. These "survey meters" cost hundreds of dollars and should be calibrated annually. If you suspect the door on your oven (which is the most likely place it will leak) is damaged, make a call to a shop and ask about a leak check. How much is it? Do I have to bring the unit in? Stuff like that.

What type of leaks can a leak detector be used to find?

Leak detectors can be used to find any kind of leak. Whether it be, refrigerant, oil, fuel, hydraulic, water or even a gas leak. Just make sure to use the right type of leak detector. Electronic leak detectors are used to find small leaks, whereas most other leak detectors are used to find gas leaks.

Can a lie detector be used in theft cases?

A lie detector cannot be used in court. On rare occasions it can be used as an investigation tool. Check with an attorney.

What does a microwave leak dector do?

It checks that no microwaves have escaped from the oven. Microwaves are harmful to living flesh. Not only will it cook you, as it does in the oven, but even small doses can cause eye cataracts. The door seal has a mesh, that will trap the microwave radiation. The mechanical size of the mesh is designed to interfere with the radio wave length. The door seals can get damaged with use and as radio waves are invisible, no one would know there is a problem. By moving a microwave leak detector around the door seal and cabinet, you can check to see that the oven is safe. The device can also be used for radar systems, that use wave guides up to the scanner, to check joints.

Which detector is used in tv receivers?

Diode detector

What is the importance of ammonia detector while dealing with refrigeration system?

This type of detector is of no importance for electric powered refrigeration systems, as ammonia is not used in them. This type of detector is a safety device for natural gas and propane powered refrigeration systems as ammonia is the coolant in such systems and a leak of ammonia vapor is toxic.

What is a gas detector used for?

"A gas detector detects the presence of various gasses in a certain area that the detector has been placed. Since many gases are harmful, this is a useful item to have whether it be in your home or business. Several units will sound an alarm, and some will even shut down the source of the gas leak."

What demodulators PLL is used?

FM detector And Evelope detector

Why microwave is not used in radar?

Microwave IS used in RADAR.

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