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Q: A new wastewater treatment plant opens in an area where raw sewage used to be dumped directly into a bay What type of pollution will be reduced the most by the new plant?
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Can pollution be reduced?

pollution cannot be completely reduced it is impossible we could definatly reduce pollution but not completely stop it

Noise pollution can be reduced by?

Being quieter.

What are the dangers of heat pollution?

Available land will be reduced

What will happen if carbon dioxide pollution is reduced?

If carbon dioxide pollution is reduced then the accelerating greenhouse effect might slow and global warming would not be so much a threat.

How can land and air pollution by reduced?

stop using petrol

What can you do to reducce air pollution?

it kAN bE REdUCEd by kUttiNq EMiSSi0NS((:

Is the pollution caused by household activities can be reduced through proper ventilation?


How can you reduce DDT pollution?

Reduced usage. it's banned in US already.

Can air pollution be reduced by burning wood?

NO! it makes it worse with all the smoke!

How has the use of cng in vehicles reduced pollution in big cities?

by less poluting

How can groundwater pollution be reduced or prevented?

Manage waste and reduce chemical use.

Can water pollution be reduced by neutralizing the industrial wastes?

maybe if people do not use their cars