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If you would tell me what is on your mind, I wouldn't have to work so hard to figure it out.

You have to tell me what is on your mind because it's impossible to guess.

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Q: A sentence with What is on your mind?
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Can you start a sentence with this in mind?

Yes, I can start a sentence with "this in mind" by structuring it to convey a thought or consideration.

How do you use mind in a sentence with an adjectives?

You have a dirty mind.

How do you use with this in mind in a sentence?

With this in mind, how would you solve the mathematical formula? What do you think of his decision, with this in mind?

How do you use the word mind in a sentence?

He has a strong mind. Know your own mind. Mind your own business! Would you mind watching my kids?

Can you start a sentence in but?

Sometimes. BUT it depends on the sentence you had in mind. Very rarely the sentence works with but as the starting word.

How initially is used in a sentence?

Initially, I didn't want to write this sentence, but I changed my mind.

Would you mind to close the door Is it correct sentence?

Would you mind to close the door. Is it correct English to use it? "Would you mind closing the door." is correct. Well, "would you mind to close the door" is an incorrect sentence. "would you mind closing the door" is correct. Because when you "enjoy" or "mind" are always followed by -ing. Since your sentence include "mind" you would use closing. Actually' would you mind closing the door'? is a question,and mind is a verb followed by a gerund that's why you need to say' closing 'instead of' to close'

What is delirium in a sentence?

He was in a delirium state of mind. It means a very disturbed and unsteady state of mind.

Is it correct to say brought to mind?

It depends on how you structure the sentence. For example, "it brought to mind the idea of planning a party". If you say "Brought to mind" then you should NEVER start a sentence with it. The best way to use the phrase is to say it or the __ before saying "brought to mind".

How do you put broaden in a sentence?

you must broaden your mind.

How do you write business in a sentence?

Mind your own business.

Can you get a sentence with the word analytic?

The professor had an analytic mind.