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A shuttles payload bay can be used to?

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If your reading this than your a true idiot because the bay is used to carry the extra fuel. Will Thompson

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What does payload bay mean?

A payload bay is where cargo is stored, like on a space mission to the ISS.

What device is Canada's most significant contribution to all of the space shuttles?

The Canadarm (technically called the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System) is used to lift and manipulate satellites, parts, and other equipment from the payload bay of the shuttles to their correct position. It is also sometimes used to move an astronaut to another part of the outside of the space station or shuttle.

Why are space shuttles important?

because the payload holds labortories that scientists can do expirements in.

What is the part of a shuttle that carries the payload?

Payload is carried in the Space Shuttle's Payload Bay. The payload bay is situated behind the crew cabin, in the middle of the orbiter. It is 60 ft long and 15 ft wide. The payload bay has two large doors that open once the shuttle reaches orbit. On the inner side of these doors are radiators which help cool the shuttle. Inside the payload bay, there are latches to hold satellites, space station components, experiments, and other objects in place. The payload bay also holds the space shuttle's remote manipulating system (RMS), KU-band antenna, and several cameras and lights. The space shuttle is capable of carrying about 65,000 pounds of cargo in the payload bay.

What is payloads in term of spacecraft?

A payload is any cargo or scientific equipment/experiment carried into space by a Shuttle or Rocket. Primary examples of a payload for a rocket would be a satellite; for the Shuttles, it carried many payloads in its cargo bay, from retrievable satellites to deployable ones, scientific experiments, as well as capture/maintenance equipment.If you look on my Supervisor Bio page, you can see some of the different payloads in the Shuttle bays that I used to work on.

What is the laboratory kept in the cargo bay of a space shuttle?

Skylab. It was not in the payload bay for every mission, though.

Names of space shuttles first used in 1980?

No space shuttles were used in 1980.

What are space shuttles used for-?

Space shuttles are used for astronauts who are making journeys from Earth into space.

WHAT are the payload bay doors in space shuttle?

They are two long, narrow doors in the belly of the shuttle that open to allow the crew do move whatever is in the cargo bay out into space. Best example: The fabulous Hubble Space Telescope was unloaded out of the shuttle through the payload bay doors.

How much space does it have in a space shuttle?

Enough to carry a bus in it's payload bay.

What materials are used to make space shuttles?

What materials are used to make space shuttles?"

What are transport shuttles?

Transport shuttles are shuttles that transport one to the airport from an airport parking lot. These are used when the airport parking lot is far away from the airport.

What is the difference between space rockets and space shuttles?

space shuttles were made to be reusable, rockets were used only once

What type of machines used in monorail?

Trains and Shuttles.

What spacecraft can be used more then once?

space shuttles

What is Maximum Payload?

The term maximum payload refers to how much weight a specific vehicle or trailer can safely haul or tow. There are several different calculations used to determine a vehicles maximum payload.

Was space shuttles only used for flying into space?


How are Space Shuttles and Space Stations used?

blast off

What are the positive effects of nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy may be used to produce electricity and may be used to uplift the space shuttles.Nuclear energy may be used to produce electricity and may be used to uplift the space shuttles.

How do space shuttles get payload off Earth?

Pay load is the total weight of the instruments, passengers, crew, and life-support systems that a space shuttle carries or can carry. The usual payload capacity for the space shuttle is 22,700 kilograms, but it can be raised depending on the choice of launch arrangement. Pay loads get off the earth by being launched in to orbit with either two different booster stages. The space shuttle gets the payload of the earth by using fuel tanks. The payload is attached to the space shuttle and is carried onto it when going into space.

What are Space Shuttles used for?

To carry things to and from orbit around the Earth.

What technology is used to explore space?

Space shuttles, telescopes and more

How do you travel from Baltimore to Washington D.C.?

There are or used to be ground shuttles available.

Why are shuttles called shuttles?

The space shuttle is a reusable space vehicle; it goes into space and it comes back, and can be used again for futher missions into space. Whereas, previously space travel was done by rockets that could be used only once. The rockets would be used up after a single use. Shuttles, therefore, are the kind that can shuttle back and forth.

What is meant by payload for aircraft?

The payload is the cargo that it carries.