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you can tell buy: it will fluff up its feathers then it will sit in a pile of leaves,straw, or branches...


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That happened to me last year. I bought an incubator and was able to hatch the eggs. Those same ducklings are now laying this year. As they lay, I gather the eggs and incubate. So, far we have 3 ducklings and about 6 in the incubator.

ducks are birds and birds lay eggs the ducklings hatch out of the eggs.

ducks are sexual they can lay eggs without a male but they wont have baby ducklings in the eggs

when do ducks lay eggs

Not usually. If their eggs do hatch they will most likely stay behind to raise their ducklings.

Normally it will be 6 eggs but if you take them away then the duck will keep laying

You simply remove her eggs, keeping her from setting and incubating them.

It is possible but most of the time the mother will return for her ducklings and care for them.

Like she does when she is laying on them.

they give eggs to eat and their poo is good for the soil....NEVER EAT DUCK

I don't think sitting on the eggs makes them hatch, but the down in their feathers keps the eggs warm and therefore the ducklings alive!

Moult and insufficient day-length.

It can be the wrong season for the duck to lay eggs. Fall and Spring are the best time for laying. Sometimes they will totally stop laying during winter and summer.

A duck goes from kid to an adult at about 6 months. For a female duck that is when she will start laying her eggs.

Depending on the breed, they start laying around when they turn a year old.

Yes, they are a special breed of ducks. Half squirrel half duck and they bite! good luck

Ducks try to lay chicken eggs but end up laying turkey eggs because they are less intelligent than a retard, hope this helps :D

Mallard hens will lay around 7-10. The eggs are light green to white in color. My ducks have had 16 Mallard ducklings!

It depends on the species. It can range from 5 to as many as 14, occasionally more. The number of eggs and ducklings lost to disease or predation requires a substantial number of offspring. Individual mother ducks may care for more than their own ducklings. Mallard ducks can have 8 to 13 eggs in each breeding season. The American Black Duck, which may interbreed with mallards, have 6 to 14 eggs. The bufflehead (a seaduck) has an average clutch of 9 to 11 eggs.

Yes. The duck will sit on the clutch of eggs until they hatch in about 28 days from when she starts to sit on them. She does leave for short periods to eat and drink when there is nobody around. Be patient, the eggs will hatch, and soon there will be a brood of ducklings.

This has been known to happen. Sometimes another duck with get "cannibalistic" as some call it and begin eating eggs. it has been said that males will destroy eggs with male ducklings inside, but this is not proven. Your ducks may need calcium, and this is why they are breaking other eggs. Try feeding shell grit.

As with chicken eggs, fertilization occurs prior to laying the egg. It takes a week after mating for a duck's eggs to be fertile.

You really don't but radiation would work im guessing

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