Abolfath kottab agriculture engineer in Bahrain 1977?

Abolfath Kottab was born in tehran Iran 1937 , he was an expert in Agriculture engineeing and forestry he started his job in North of Iran Asalem , kale (pole sefid) as I remembered ,which Americans were built a society of experts and community of enginners in Asalem for their experiences, In 1964-5 and he came back to tehran , and continued his job as forestry planned from Lavasoon north of tehran till Latian, Lashkarak ,Park chitgar and many others that I dont know the names and all around tehran , he planned to make a forest around tehran so that people of tehran would have better weather conditions .

He was responsible man and beloved his job a lot he loves nature and beauty. He starts his mission in Bahrain in 1975-4 with the bad condition weather and salty sands with 50 degrees of heat he start his plans for trees and green enviorment there it was a difficult situation for him after all he studied and became successful in that country which made his name as,

[the man with the green fingers]

for many years I had the news papers that i think it might be Gulf news or Gulf mirror he was special , he made two parks in manama bahrain ,Adari park and Awali park beside the sea with green trees and beautiful views i am very proud of him he was special mankind god bless him and may his soul rest in peace for ever.