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my Honda TRX 400ex will reach 60 mph no problem. but it also has modifications (including a slip on HMF pipe, and some motor work) it really depends on the bike. Many times 2 completely stock bikes can be put in a race head to head, and one will do better than the other or go faster than the other.

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How fast does the 2008 Honda TRX400EX go?

around 70-80 full stock

How fast does a Honda 2007 trx400ex ATV go?

aproximatly 60-70 mph.....thats what i topped mine out to stock

Is a Honda 400trx fast?

Yes, Its a fairly fast quad. About 55 m.p.h

How fast does a 680 Honda go 4x4 quad?


What is the oil capacity of the Honda trx400ex ATV?

Check you owners manual....

How fast does a Honda trx 300 quad go?

45 mph max

Does the 1999 Honda TRX400ex have reverse?

No, the first year with reverse is 2005 the model.

How do you work the clutch on a 2007 Honda trx400ex?

like any other Honda down 1 up 4

How fast should or would a 110cc Honda quad go?

35-40 mph.

Where is the air fuel adjustment screw on the 2007 Honda TRX400ex ATV?

on bottom of carb

What is the top speed of Honda trx400ex?

i have a 2000 TRX400EX and it has racing plastics, T4 slip on exhaust, and maxxis holeshot tires, im estimating it would easily reach over 60mph

What would be a good ATV for a 13 year old that is 5foot9inch and 129lbs and has exprince with manul clutch?

I would honestly say that a good quad for a 13 year old would be a Honda trx400ex because it is very popular so that means that if it does break you can find the right parts for it....... Also because this quad goes around 55-60 mph so it let's the kid have some fun and it's also not too fast:)

Does a 2000 Honda 400 ex have reverse?

Yes, the 2000 Honda 400EX does have reverse on most models. If the Honda is noted as being the TRX400EX, it will have reverse from 2000 and newer.

What type of oil does a Honda trx400ex take?

10w40 ATV or motorcycle oil designed for wet clutches.

How fast is a 250cc quad go?

well i have a Honda trx250ex and I got a speed gun and I clocked it it said around 60

How much horse power does a trx 400 ex have?

A stock Honda TRX400EX makes about 27 wheel horsepower on a chassis dyno.

Where do you find the vin plate for your Honda quad bike?

Honda quad had no vin plate the number is stamped on a plate in front of the steering shaft

About how fast is a Honda trx300ex quad?

around 50 to 65 max give or take if you got aftermarket sprockets rev boxes etc

How fast does a 100cc quad go?

a 100cc stadard quad goes about 40mph

How fast will a 250cc sandrail go?

how fast can a 250cc quad go

What is the most expensive quad?

1988 300 Honda sportstrack

How fast will a 350 cc quad go?

around 55-60 depending on the brand of quad.

How fast can a 250cc quad go?


How fast can a Honda Odyssey go?

how fast does a Honda odyssey go

When did Honda first start manufacturing quad bikes?

Honda first started manufacturing modern quad bikes in the early 1980's. There were some models available as early as the 1970's. Quad bikes are also known as All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

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