Abusive men who impregnate their girlfriends for control?


Are you KIDDING?

There's simply no excuse for any woman getting pregnant if she doesn't want to be.

Pick any of the numerous pills.

Don't like pills? There's a shot that lasts 3 months.

There are IUDs.

Any of the above could be had without him ever knowing.

Though much less effective, there are diaghrams, creams, condoms...

Make a "mistake" and worried? There's the "morning after" pill.

The fact is that women have been "trapping" men with pregnancies for thousands of years, and THEY are the ones seeking "control."

Surely you've seen enough of our system to know that it works -- all too well -- but it will result in misery for all concerned -- ESPECIALLY the child. Don't even think about it.

Sounds to me like you'd be best off with NO boyfriend...