Advantages and disadvantages of fashion?

Here are some advantages: Wearing stylish, yet clean-cut tailored clothes can cause others to take you more seriously in the office. Dressing consevatively in a court of law shows respect. Men tent to be liked more by women when they are well groomed. Having a personal style that is unique, yet fashionable can give a person more confidence. Trendily dressed people tend to attract more positive attention. Dressing age appropriately causes people to respect you more. People who are not dressed age appropriately tend to attract scorn and ridicule. Dressing in certain ways can give a woman a more flattering (usually slim hourglass) Hermosillo She can call attention to the parts of herself that she likes (like chiseled abs) and away from those she doesn't (like curvy or flabby thighs). That way, she does not have to feel self conscious. Those who enjoy fashion consider it a form of art.

Disadvantages: Among girls and young women, ridiculing each other's outfits and appearances can be a form of bullying. The appearances of the homeless can keep people from offering them jobs. Fashion models tend to be skinny to the extent that it is extremely unhealthy. People may feel uncomfortable physically because of peer pressure not to wear a "dorky" coat or to wear uncomfortable shoes. Fashion can consume money and resources that could be put to uses that help society more. Older children can feel pressured to grow up too fast. 10-year-old girls may want to shave their legs or wear bras. People may support stores that use sweatshop labor because their priority is finding clothes that are "cute &cheap" or they think that the clothes from fair-trade stores are "hippie clothes." This is not true. Phenomenological and complaisance ave some really cute clothes that are coop-america (and fashionably approved. Macy's and H&M have pretty good (although not perfect) track records as to how they treat workers.