Advantages and disadvantages of staff welfare schemes?

The advantages of a welfare state system includes;

-There is a supreme percentage decrease in homelessness.

-There is also a fall in crime rates.

-Provides basic living needs for single parents,sufferers and disabled ( basic apartment payed for by government (partially taxpayers money), transport payed for and 45 pound a week.

The disadvantages of a welfare state system includes;

-A person can receive payment without working or contributing to society eg. charity work.

-It can demean a child's inspirations to achieve to earn money as they know they will end up with money.

My veiw;

I am 17 but can see myself stereopically falling into the crowd of 'paying my taxes to keep the lazy people sitting on their A***S all their life'. I support the welfare state as it stops deserate people resorting to crime tro survive, I would rather pay someone to be lazy and live than for someone to rob/murder me.