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Depends on the state. States such as Ohio are a "work-at-will" state, and an employee can be terminated for any reason besides the federal protections against discrimination against race, sex, creed, orientation, disability, etc...

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Does an employer have to specify if they want to do a credit check?

I believe so

Can employer ask for credit check?

They don't have to ask. Your application for employment gave them permission to check your credit. It's always in the small print on the application.

Will you not pass a credit check for employment with a pending bankruptcy discharge?

Speaking from experience, if the discharge of bankruptcy is pending, a credit check may not pass, however, having discharged voluntarily from bankruptcy may have the same result depending on the policy of the employer or financial institution.

Do instant cash loans require a credit check?

Most fast cash loans do not require a credit check. They are fast and easy to apply for. Not having a credit check adds to this very convenient. Usually instant cash loans are advertised as having no credit check required.

What do employer look for in a background check?

Good question. Generally, an employer may do a background check on any information that is relevant to the job for which the employer is hiring. To be safe an employer can ask the applicant in writing for permission to do a background check. The employer will want to include all the details of what matters are going to be checked into. If the applicant then refuses to have the check done, the employer may refuse to consider the applicant for the job without being at risk of liability for discrimination.Just to note, an employer cannot inquire about military records, school records, and credit report without your specific consent.

What companies offer a no credit check cash loan?

There are only a couple of companies that offer a no credit check cash loan. The most popular is Money Mart, they offer quick cash loans without having to check your credit.

Do you have the right as an employer to ask for a criminal record check as part of your hiring?

Yes. The courts have ruled that employers DO have this right....However the employer is responsible for paying all the cost of having a criminal background check preformed.

Will having a felony exclude you from a job in pharmaceutical sales?

You will have to check with your prospective employer(s) to learn the answer to this question.

Do you need a credit check to get a job doing credit card processing?

Depending on the type of employer where you are doing the credit card processing and the position that you are looking for. These positions are mostly sr. management and high volume CSR.

In California can an Employer withhold an Employees check?

can my employer withhold my final check

Why do employers check credit?

A credit check can provides a couple of valuable pieces of information about you to a prospective employer. With your credit history, an employer can determine how you manage your personal finances. Depending on the job, this might be important in determining an employees attitude and ability to handle money (trustworthy.) There is also a section, although usually incomplete, that tells a history of your previous employers and your residences. A good way to verify what one puts on their application.

How many years can an employer search for background check?

An employer can do a background check for the past 15 years

Can an employee terminate your employment for a criminal background check that was done after being employed for 18 months and attending school there especially if they knew when they hired you?

It depends on the state law or statute where the employment occurs. For example, in Texas, the law is wide open for employers, in that an employer needs no more reason to terminate an employee than that they want to. In other words, in Texas, an employer does not need any reason to terminate you. Of course it is a two-way street, in that an employee is free to leave at any time, for cause, or just because he wants to. This may not be true in the state where you are employed.

What are the acceptable forms of income proof when applying for an auto loan?

Name and phone number of your employer, social security card, and they will also check your credit score.

Does employer call references before or after second interview?

A lot of times, yes. Most businesses will do a small check before an interview and then a more in depth check after the interview if they like you. The biggest impact I have seen is employers running your credit. You can check out more information on them running your credit at . Good luck on your interview!

How can an employer check validity of a drivers license?

An employer can check validity of a driver's license by calling the DMV. They can also check its validity by looking at the expiration date.

How can you check your credit in order to obtain a personal loan?

You can check your credit to obtain a personal loan by applying for a credit check online. In most cases, the loaning company you request from will provide the credit check for you.

Can a CA employer terminate me while I am out of work and on state disability due to open heart surgery?

Employers can terminate anyone at anytime. It then becomes and issue of any contracts you have signed and state law. Check with your personel office or union representative, and then with your state labor office. Either should be able to tell you your rights and you may need to consider consulting an attorney.

When should you check your credit report?

You should check your credit report once a year or if you think someone has stolen your identity. If you constantly check your credit it can actually damage it. Experian is a great place to check your credit.

Can a employer hold money from your check because you lost a company credit card?

Probably the employer can reimburse itself for any losses it incurred because of your error out of your paycheck. However, the employer probably can't reimburse itself for any loss it incurred beyond that (i.e. a penalty). Talk with your employer and get a detailed statement of the amounts withheld and why (request documentation of the employer's losses as well). Talk to a lawyer if the employer refuses.

Do Alpha Kappa Alpha check your credit report?

yes they do check your credit

Where can you find no credit check apartments?

Check out It's a directory of no credit check property listings.

Employer Background check cost?

For you as the employer? That would depend on the amount of information you are seeking.

Where can one find car loans with no credit check?

Valley Auto Loans is one of a few companies that advertises itself as having a no credit check auto loan. Online sources such as Auto Trader also provide a list of available car loans that don't require credit checks.

What sites let you get a credit check?

Annual Credit Report will offer you a free credit check so you can find out your credit score online. You can also try Credit Karma or Equifax if you would like to seek out other options to perform the credit check.