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belt needs to be tighter and remove all oil and grease with cleaner and possibly use some belt dressing

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Q: After putting a new alternator belt on a 1992 VW Golf 1.3 what causes the belt to squeal after starting and stop after about one minute and the battery light to come on if you loosen it?
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What causes a low voltage reading 1992 Saturn sl2 after putting in a brand new battery?

It's almost certain a problem with the alternator

If you constantly run your car with a dead battery will this hurt your alternator?

Yes, alternators are designed to maintain the battery, or recharge a battery that has been slightly discharged from starting the car. When the alternator is used to recharge a dead battery, it causes the alternator work harder and longer than it is designed for, causing it to overheat, thus causing damage to the alternator. A battery charger should be used instead. They are designed for charging dead batteries. After the battery is charged, let the alternator maintain the charge.

On a F-450 what causes the alternator to not recharge the battery?

either the alternator or the voltage regulator are no good.may also be a bad battery

What causes headlights to dim while driving?

Your battery is weak, or your your alternator is not charging battery.

What causes lead acid battery to bulge or bloat?

Failed battery, or alternator is overcharging.

What causes a car battery to get hot?

poss alternator fault

What causes alternator battery light to come on and then off itermittently?

Can be loose or corroded battery connections, loose drive belt, or the alternator is failing.

What causes your battery to die when the battery and alternator are new?

Something is usually on that you don't know about like an alarm could be draining the battery. However, If its not starting you should check the starter though. It will make you think the battery is bone dead.

What causes the battery light to stay on and whining noise near the alternator?

Alternator is defective and needs replacing.

What causes a 1987 Chevy Caprice battery light to stay on?

It's not charging the battery. Check the alternator.

What causes an E230 Mercedes 1995 with a new battery to have no power?

i think you are having problem with your alternator its not charging your battery

95 Buick Riveria - what causes the battery not to charge although alternator is good?

could be a bad battery

Would a bad alternator on a 1999 Grand Cherokee Jeep Limited keep discharging a brand new battery?

=== === Some types of electrical shorts do cause the battery to discharge. But usually a bad alternator just does not charge the battery. Or does not put a large enough charge back into the battery. This causes the battery to discharge when you start and run the motor. The spark plugs and other things need electricity that would usually come from the alternator is now coming from your battery. If your bad alternator is not recharging the new battery, the battery will soon fail to start or run your vehicle. You need to have your alternator tested. It should be putting out at least 12 volts, usually around 13 to 15 volts.

What causes the battery light to come on when both the battery and alternator check out okay?

The alternator may be putting out some amps, but the regulator inside is failed. The alternator is the first thing to replace when the battery lamp comes on in these vehicles. Also make sure the battery is not leaking acid. Remove the positive and negative cables from the battery and look for corrosion. If corrision is found, you'll need to replace the battery and also take the battery cable covers off to clean the contact pads down to bare metal. Make sure all corrosion is removed. Russtech67

What causes the battery light to come on when the headlights goes on?

Your alternator may not be putting out enough Amps to charge your battery and run your headlights as well. You can test this by measuring the voltage from the battery with a multimeter. With the car running the volts should be around 14 or more on a 12 volt battery. Try it with the lights on too.

What causes a truck not turn over Battery is 5 months old?

The most common reason for a vehicle not to turn over is a bad alternator. If the alternator is not charging the battery the engine will not start, regardless of the battery age.

What are causes of battery light coming on in an 1991 Honda prelude?

A few causes that will make the Battery Light come on are: 1. Faulty Battery 2. Loose Battery Connection 3. Battery is not Charging, ie. Faulty Alternator

What causes the battery to drain when running?

Defective alternator or voltage regulator. Also possibly the battery is defective with a dead cell.

What causes a lazy starter on a 1992 Nissan pickup?

weak battery or bad alternator.

What causes your battery light to flash on and off in a 2000 Toyota sienna?

A failing alternator.

What does the battery light mean on the dashboard of your 306?

it means your battery isn't charging from the alternator, could be a fault either with the alternator or your aux drive belt maybe snapped is the most likely causes

What causes battery drain in Honda rancher?

The main cause of battery drains is a bad electrical system. The electrical system is normally powered by the alternator and once the alternator goes bad the battery has a hard time holding a charge,

What causes a flat car battery?

Using the electronics (lights, radio, cranking engine but not starting, etc) without charging the battery. If you charge your battery, the car starts and runs, but goes flat in a short amount of time, it's possible your alternator is not working properly.

93 Lexus sc 400 battery light on?

The battery light usually comes on if there is a charging system problem Either battery or alternator are the usual causes.

What causes the battery light to be on with a new good battery in 1997 Mazda protege?

the common cause why the light is on is that your alternator is not working well,try to have your alternator checked .may be the carbon brush is already worn out.