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the batterys are probrably crackling, check your wiring

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What is an onomatopoeia for wood burning in a fireplace?

Crackling, popping flames.

How do you fix crackling sound at start up?

That crackling sound is your hard drive being read, and it can be fixed by replacing your hard drive with an expensive Solid State Drive.

Words describing Fire?

Hot, burning, glowing, flickering, warming, incandescent, smoky, crackling, ..

What words describe fire?

Hot, burning, glowing, flickering, warming, incandescent, smoky, crackling, poping, embers everywhere, Red,...:) 😃

How can you make a sentence with a word crackling?

I was startled awake by the fire's crackling sounds. The lightning came crackling past my head and struck the tree.

What are some adjectives for a fireplace?

Hot, Heat, Fire, Burning, Crackling, Warm, Ember, Blaze, etc. Some of these can be both adjectives and nouns, so be careful.

What is paint crackling and how is it done?

To find out about paint crackling check out They will provide you with easy instructions for paint crackling application.

Why is your guitar amp crackling?

Your guitar amp could be "crackling" for a number of reasons, the most common of which is that you have a bad cord. Try using a different cord and seeing if the crackling stops.

What is the medical term meaning crackling in the knee joint?

Crackling in any joint is called crepitus. Medial plica syndrome is one possible cause of crackling in the knee joint.

Cigarette lighter keeps burning out the fuse?

Try replacing element--may be shorted

What is the crackling sound you hear when diving on coral reefs?

The crackling sounds are usually made by snapping shrimps.

How do I patch a microphone cable without getting crackling?

Crackling only occurs if there is a short in the cable or your hardware.

How do you turn 2 and 2 thirds into a decimal?

By burning the "2 and 2 thirds" and replacing it with a decimal.

What causes a crackling sound when you take of your clothes?

You create friction when you take off your clothes. The crackling sound is the static electricity.

Is crackling in headphones bad?

If the crackling is not part of the song, yes, it is bad. It could mean that the headphones have taken water damage.

Why do the headlight plugs keep burning up after i keep replacing them on a 1999 Pontiac sunfire?

bad ground

What causes crackling in the head?

A crackling noise when you turn your head or press on the back of the neck - like rice krispies - is called Crepitus.

What are the release dates for Evening Crackling Campfire - 2008?

Evening Crackling Campfire - 2008 was released on: USA: November 2008

What is the name of the candy that makes a crackling noise when you bite it?

Pop Rocks make a crackling sound when the carbon dioxide inside them is released. Cool.

How do you make a crackling sound with gum?

Chew for 1 minute. Now take it out and stick in sand. Put back in mouth and you will get a crackling sound.

What is the medical term meaning crackling sounds heard during auscultation of the lungs?

Rales are crackling sounds heard during auscultation of the lungs.

What causes a crackling sound in the lungs?


What is an explosive crackling in the lungs called?

A cough

What is the sound of your boots in the snow?

a crackling noise

Is crackling an onomatopoeia?

Yes it is an onomatopoeia