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this can vary by state, but in most if they get a judgment against you by taking you to court, then can - but there are rules about this as well that vary by state for example where I live they can't garnish the head of household, can't leave less than a certain amount in the check, etc.

There are a LOT of variables: how much you owe v.s. how much the car is worth... The state you live in...the loan agereement which you have signed..other costs such as towing, storage etc... Generally , if they repo the car and it pays off your debt, and you pay the towing and storage fees and there is no outstanding balance, they have no reason to garnish your wages. But if you don't make a deal with the loan company, and you owe them money and don't set up a payment schedule that they accept, they can garnish your wages until you are even ( you don't owe them anything). If you communicate with the lender and make arrangements to pay so much a week, they will work with you. But if you blow them off, they will get their money one way or another! A negotiated payment plan looks better on your credit record than a garnishment.

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Q: After repossession can your wages be garnished?
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Can wages be garnished after a repossession to collect the balance?

Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in the state of Delaware

Can wages be garnished for the balance of a loan in a voluntary repossession?

Yes, they can be garnished for this reason.

In Ohio can your wages be garnished for a car repossession?


Can your wages be garnished in Florida if you are a single mother?

Can my wages be garnished in the State of Florida for funds owed on a repossession if I am a single mother?

Can your wages be garnished for repossession in Arizona?

YES, even in AZ.

Can Virginia garnish your wages for an auto repossession?

Your wages can be garnished for an auto repossession if there is a court order. All wage garnishment's must be obtained from the county court of your residence.

If you work in North Carolina and live in Virginia can your wages be garnished for a voluntary repossession?


Can wages be garnished over a repossession in Oklahoma?

If they have followed the laws and have a court order, yes.

Can wages be garnished for auto repossession in MD?

if your car is repossesed than it just goes ony our credit your wages wont be withheld

Can wages be garnished in Illinois?

Yes, wages can be garnished in Illinois.

If wages are garnished in the us and move to Canada can wages be garnished there?


Can your wages be garnished for the repossession of a vehicle in Florida?

What happens is this, the vehicle gets repo'd. You still owe the deficiency after the vehicle is remarketed. The bank will take you to court for the deficiency. If you do not pay the deficiency if you are ruled against, they may garnish wages by court order. It takes legal action for wages to be garnished.

Can your wages be garnished for an auto lease repossession in Florida even if the leased vehicle has been turned in?

Yes, if there is still an amount owed.

Can your wages be garnished for the repossession of a vehicle in Louisiana?

If the lender decides to sue the borrower and wins a judgment, the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment

Can your wages be garnished when wages are already garnished for child support in Tennessee?


Can Social Security wages be garnished to pay for a car repossession?

No, all SS benefits are exempt from garnishment or attachment for creditor debt of any sort.

Can your income tax check be garnished if your wages are already being garnished?

if my wages are being garnished can they still take my income tax check?

Can a spouse's wages be garnished for the other's debt in Oregon?

A spouse's wages cannot be garnished for a debt that is not theirs. Wages can only be garnished up to 25 percent under federal law.

Can disability income be garnished for a repossession?


Why are wages garnished in South Carolina?

Wages cannot be garnished for credit card debt in South Carolina. They can be garnished for unpaid taxes and child support.

If you live in NJ and work in Pa can your wages be garnished for credit card debtin NJ?

Yes, your wages can be garnished wherever you work for a debt. Generally, wages are not approved to be garnished for unsecured debt.

In Virginia can your wages be garnished for medical bills?

can you be garnished on your disibilty

Why do wages get garnished?

knowing the lawpeoples wages mostly get garnished from law suites and judgments from the court systems

What happens if you do not pay the remaining balance after a repossession?

You can be sued for the amount owed. Pursuant to that, you could have your wages garnished or be arrested for contempt if a judgment is placed against you and you refuse to pay.

How much can your wages be garnished?

It is a federal law that wages can not be garnished over twenty five percent after taxes. The amount garnished can not be greater than thirty times the minimum wages. The lower amount of the two is used.