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this can vary by state, but in most if they get a judgment against you by taking you to court, then can - but there are rules about this as well that vary by state for example where I live they can't garnish the head of household, can't leave less than a certain amount in the check, etc.

There are a LOT of variables: how much you owe v.s. how much the car is worth... The state you live in...the loan agereement which you have signed..other costs such as towing, storage etc... Generally , if they repo the car and it pays off your debt, and you pay the towing and storage fees and there is no outstanding balance, they have no reason to garnish your wages. But if you don't make a deal with the loan company, and you owe them money and don't set up a payment schedule that they accept, they can garnish your wages until you are even ( you don't owe them anything). If you communicate with the lender and make arrangements to pay so much a week, they will work with you. But if you blow them off, they will get their money one way or another! A negotiated payment plan looks better on your credit record than a garnishment.

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Q: After repossession can your wages be garnished?
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