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It depends on where you are. In the U.S. there isn't a nationwide registration.

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Q: After selling a gun how do you change the name on the registration?
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How do you register a gun to another name?

Depends on where you are. In MOST of the US, there is no registration.

Does gun registration change persons when pawned?

It depends on where you are. In the U.S. at least, there is no national registration of normal firearms, and most states do not require it.

Who is this gun registerd to -an101872?

Most of the US does not have gun registration. Where there IS registration, that information is not available to the public.Most of the US does not have gun registration. In areas that do, that information is not available to the public.

How do you chage a gun registration in tx?

You can't. The state of Texas does not require registration, therefore, there is no gun registration that can be changed.

How do you transfer registration of a gun?

It depends on where you are. Most states do not require registration and there is no national registration. If you live in one of the few states that requires it, you have to sell your gun through a gun store. Otherwise, you can sell a gun to another person with no paperwork as long as the other person can legally own a gun. You do still have the option of selling through a gun store by having a local store process a transfer for you, but it is an added expense (most gun stores charge at least $25, some charge more, and a few gun stores don't do transfers).

Can you pawn a gun without registration in Louisiana?

Louisiana doesn't have gun registration to begin with.

How to have a gun you purchased from an individual put in your name?

Depends on where you live. In most of the US, there IS no registration of firearms.

How do you get firearms out of your name?

Well how did they get in your name? Do you live in a state or city where there is mandatory gun registration, even for private-party transactions? Or are you just talking about the federal "firearms and transfer record" (federal registration) that a person has to fill-out when they buy a gun from a gun dealer (FFL holder-- a sporting goods store, gun shop, or pawn shop usually)?

What does the serial number on gun mean?

Gun Registration...

What is the name of the site toget gun registration forms?

We would need to know where you're talking about. In most places which have registration, it's done as part of the purchasing process. Most places in the US don't have gun registration, but there are some which do, and the process varies between those places.

Where does Joe Biden stand on gun registration?

He is for gun registration of course. He is also in favor of background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows.

Where do you register your gun in Texas?

Texas does not require gun registration.