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Air soft guns are "toy" guns that shoots 6mm plastic BB's at around 300 feet per second, Not everyone shots at the rat of 300 feet per second, but if you want a nice aisoft gun, go to your local Dick's sporting Good's It will be at least $200.00 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont go to Dicks...they give you bad guns for bad price. Go to gun to get for a low price is the JG m4a1 or M16a4

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Is it airsoft or soft air?

Air soft is like are soft guns when soft air is more commonly known for BB guns and pellet guns.

Are propane air soft guns dangerous?

I know of NO Propane air soft guns. Air soft and Air guns can use AIR, C02, Nitrogen and Greengas. All are safe to use.

Are air soft guns real guns?

No, they are not.

Are air soft legal in Arizona?

Air Soft guns. Yes

Are air soft guns popular?

Air soft guns are popular over the nation. Do not use one if you are not at least 15 :).

Where could you get air soft guns?

I have about six air soft guns i got them from Canadian Tire and they work pretty well

Are air soft guns the same as pellet guns?

Yes and No. Air Soft guns are sometimes referred to as pellet guns. But there is a difference. Air soft guns can be shot at another person. Pellet guns ( the ones that shoot real lead pellets) are for target practice and hunting, NOT at another person. Air soft is low power that can attain around 400 FPS (Feet per Second) Pellet guns can attain over 1,200 FPS and are deadly. Pellet guns do not shoot plastic BB's. Air soft guns do shoot plastic BB's. Pellet guns an be considered a weapon in some situations. Air soft is considered an adult toy.

What kind of gas do air soft guns use?

the gas powered air soft guns use CO2 or green gas

Difference between air soft and BB guns?

The main difference is that Air Soft guns generally fire plastic rounds, while BB guns fire metal rounds. The other difference is that Air Soft are used in games similar to paintball, while BB guns are not.

Are air soft guns legal on airplanes?


Is it illegal to have Air soft guns in Iowa?


When were air soft guns created?

In bonerland

Are air soft guns considered firearms?


What name brand of air soft guns is best?

the best brand of air soft guns are...crossman,remington,smith & weson,and echo 1.

What is the difference between soft air and stinger guns?

stingers are Airsoft guns

Where can you shoot air soft guns?

Just about anywhere.

Are air soft guns safe for kids?

if you trust

Are air soft guns illegal on planes?


Does Fred Meyer have air soft guns?

yes it does

Where to find air soft guns?

up your butt

Are air soft guns sold to kids?


Is it legal to shoot air soft guns in the city?


Are soft air guns illiegal?

no if you live in the us

Are air soft guns legal in Virginia?


What do you use for green gas in air soft guns?

you use green gas to fire the air soft gun

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