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Yes Albert Einstein did have kids

Hans Albert


And his step Daughter


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Mileva Maric and his 2nd wife is Elsa Lowenthal----Albert Einstein had 3 kids with Mileva, Lieserl, Hans Albert, & Eduard.When he married his second wife Elsa, he joined her & her two kids.

Einsteins daughter was born 1876 March 17 and his son was born 1857 November 26

Einsteins kids were born in 1902 and the second one in 1910 but the first one died in childhood.

Albert Einstein's kids were Lieserl, Eduard ,and Han.

Probably not.Its a toddler show and they wouldn't show that to little kids.

Albert Ingalls marrys a girl named Sylvia but I honestly don't know if they have kids.

She thought that might be a true story about Albert Einstein's children named Hans Einstein Eduard Einstein not a story about kids named Leo, June Quincy Annie who went on missons on a rocket ship

He has 4 kids: Isabella (step-daughter, Deidre's from previous marriage), Albert Jr, Sophia, and Ezra.

three two sons,hans and eduard and a daughter lieserl

People USUALLY have kids. There is nothing exceptional about that.

Albert Pujols has three children, Isabella, Albert Jr., and Sophia.isabella has down syndrom.

yes he has a faith family kids foundation

Albert Einstein was on cocaine. DRUGS ARE BAD KIDS! xD

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - 1972 was released on: USA: 9 September 1972

He had no children with elsa but they raised Albert children from his previous marriage 

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - 1972 Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid - 3.3 was released on: USA: 20 September 1975

He had three kids named Hans, Eduard, and Leiserl.

Albert Einstein treated his second wife's 2 children as his own.

Yes albert had 2 kids of his own and he adopted 2 with his 2nd wife

Albert Einstein had 206.50 kids

to make sure his kids follow his footsteps

She had children with her cousin prince albert

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Albert Pujols is involved in the Pujols 5 foundation. Which helps kids with down-syndrome.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - 1972 Funny Business was released on: USA: 5 May 1985