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Alexander Hamilton middle name?


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Alexander Hamilton doesn't have an official middle name. :-/

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Alexander Hamilton was born on the West Indian island of Nevis, probably in 1755. He does not have a recorded middle name.

His parents were Alexander (yes they had the same name) and Rachel Hamilton.

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Alexander Hamilton's father was a Scottish merchant who abandoned the family. His name was James Hamilton. Rachel Faucet Lavien was the mother of Alexander Hamilton. His wife's name was Elizabeth Schuyler and his son's name was William Stephen Hamilton.

he got his middle name by giving him his own. his middle name is alexander after his dad and grandpa.

my name is Jonathan im Alexander hamilton stephens great grandson im the true stephens left in the family Alexander hamilton was the vice [resident of the confederacy.

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His wifes name was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

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Followers of Alexander Hamilton referred to themselves as federalists.

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His name is not stated in the bill of rights.

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George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

His paternal grandfather, whom he would never meet.

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