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apex - they require more class time

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Q: All of the following are characteristics of AP courses compared with regular high school courses except?
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Are online master courses of the same quality as regular master courses?

Online master courses are of the same quality as regular master courses. Both these courses require the same intensive studying, research, thesis writing, etc.

Which of the following is a characteristic of carotenoids in foods?

Carotenoid absorption efficiency from salads is higher when regular dressing is used compared with low-fat dressing.

Minoan and mycenaean civilizations shared all of the following characteristics except a highly developed cities b sea-related system of trading c regular system of taxation d women were key?

The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations shared all of the following characteristics except women being key.

Wheather Mtech Regular is equivalent to Mtech Corresponds?

if you are talking about the equivalence of degree then there is no difference but as far as market value is concerned regular courses are having more value always s compared to distance courses if you are in industry or in corporate sector then it is good that you do it from correspond ace otherwise do it form regular for better career growth it matters a lot in private sector but not too much in govt sector or if you want to do it just for post graduation to get promotion or getting qualify for some other jobs for your information here is a link for you which will help you in finding out such correspondence courses

What are Courses that are more challenging than regular high school courses are known as?

Type your answer here... rigorous coursework.

Is there any regular course in ignou?

Yes, there are certainly regular courses in IGNOU. Go for the University website.

How many chromosomes are in sex cell compared to regular cell?

Half the number of a regular cell

How many courses can you take in night school while taking regular high school courses?

Night school? is sleeping a course?

What are two characteristics of a regular polygon?

big and long

What is an antifilm?

An antifilm is a movie which does not conform to the regular standards or characteristics of a movie.

What are some characteristics minerals have?

they are shiny, and have regular shapes and sharp edges

What class comes after mat0020?

After mat0020 you may start the regular math courses. Usually following from MAT0020 is MAC courses such as MAC1105 college algebra or a college geometry. For AA program you will need to complete if you started from the bottom of the ladder MAT0012, MAT0020, MAC1105 and the college geometry. Its a long long ladder to climb almost better to test out of the prep courses if possible. Wasted money considering MAT0012 does not count for credits.