All the txts in the world?

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Since new texts are typed and sent daily, the answer is infinity.
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What is txt?

text Text-messaging, or 'txting', is when you send a text message on your phone. Txting is the extreme abbreviation or acronymming of words. therer u have it that's what txt is!! :) :)

What does txt stand for?

txt stands for Text. It is often used by plain text editors as the suffix to the file name. There is no formatting associated with most txt files. You should be able to open them with a word processor, notepad or wordpad on your computer.

There was a boy i was seeing and he use 2 txt and call me all the time. all of a sudden it stopped and i haven't heard from him in 5 weeks. what does this mean. please help me?

It means he either: A.) Has a girl friend and doesn't want to cheat on her B.) Doesn't like you C.) Got really angry over something that you've said D.) Just found out that you dated one of his family members E.) Has discovered that he's gay F.) Has been kidnapped G.) Is dead H.) Lost your ( Full Answer )

What you do if she does not reply to a txt?

ok dude theres a hundred reasons why she didnt reply,she could have been in the bed or eating or doing something else,or it depends on what you texted her but dont worry,just keep your cool.

How often do you txt?

all the time everyday at school and at home and whereeverelse i might be. hottchica08

How do you txt?

i text with my thumbs on a qwerty keyboard phone. You Txt bye going to the message option then clicking new message and then type

What is the command to delete all files in the A data folder that begin with the letter A and have the txt file extension?

Depends on the operating system... In Windows (with a command prompt open and the current directory is this data folder): del a*.txt The del command is used to delete files and takes an argument containing the name of the file. Wildcards, such as * (denotes "any number of characters"), are u ( Full Answer )

All the colors in all the world?

Wikipedia has a full catalogue of every colour that has ever beenidentified and named. But there are an infinite am blue

How do you txt on a phone fast?

1) Memorize the keys. 2)Instead Of putting thanks put thnx . 3) Practice, practice practice.

A girl that you like txt your friends but never txt you Why?

It could be that she wants to make you jealous. But I wouldn't read to much into it she might just not wish to talk to you about this something that she is dicussing with your friends! Best wishes!. she may not realize it u have to call her!!! dont be shy trust me i am a girl and when this one boy ( Full Answer )

How many txts is average a month?

The total number of texts per month is not known. Some people makea large number of texts and others do not make any. It's safe toassume the total could be in the millions.

What are txt messages used for?

to quickly tell someone something without having to wait for them to pick up and have a short greeting conversation such as: *phone ringing* ... *phone ringing* ... you:"They need to pick up the phone!!" *person picks up phone* Person: "Hello, who is this?" You: "hey its me" Person: "oh hey h ( Full Answer )

How do you get free txts?

Do you mean free txts on your mobile or free txts online?. Many providers offer free txts such as 02. There are many free txts sites online for example which can be found if you type in 'free txts' on google.

What is a txt url?

txt is a type of file format. The URL tells the computer what protocol to use to open that file. When you're on the internet, the preferred URL is http, or h yper t ext t ransfer p rotocol.

Can you txt on the itouch?

Yes you can text on an iTouch, but you have to be connected to Wi- Fi and have the free app for it, if you really like to text, I suggest using a real phone, or buying an iPhone. Note: This is the old answer to this question, please know the correct answer before you answer a question. no, you can ( Full Answer )

Can you convert txt to doc?

Open your text document Go to the edit menu Click on "select all" Right click on the highlighted text Select copy Open your word document and paste.

What you txt bullying?

Yes it is! Many people now have a second cell phone that you pay as you go and use that phone to verbally harass a person. My friend was told to kill her self, that she was worthless and so on. The police got involved because all the proof was on her phone so in the end the whole problem was solved. ( Full Answer )

How do you get txt 2000?

well you get this paper and its white and you will see writting on and also numbers then you enter the numbeers you got on the page

What is some txt slang?

lol: laugh out loud dtb: dont text back wtf: what the flip k: ok or know (depends on how its used) idk: i dont know idc: i dont care idr: i dont remember omg: o my god or o my gosh

How to txt dirty to someone no strings?

just say bad things you wont get caught unless your parents check your phone and if so just hide your phone and say you lost it if they don't belive you then get the phone without them seeing then delete the messages and then say hey look i found it and say you droped it under the bed or somthing it ( Full Answer )

What is txt format?

Txt format is a text document. It's the default in Notepad when you save a file.

How do you access .txt to c?

Consult your help (or man, info etc.) system, the functions you can use are: fopen/fclose, fgets/fread/fscanf, fputs/fwrite/fprintf

What are the reasons for delayed TXT messages?

A problem with your phone's messaging database. . A problem with your phone's wireless. . Your cell phone provider is overwhelmed by text messages (example: on New Years Eve at 12AM) . You have a problem with your simcard.

In txt talk what does ftw mean?

FTW is an acronym that stands for "For the Win." It used to mean, "F*ck the world," but that meaning is becoming less and less popular.

How do you say i love u in txt?

Don't text them! You have to tell them in person or at least on the phone that way they know that it can't be one of your friends making it up as a joke. Also, it shows how much you really care about them, you wouldn't be brave for everyone so choose the one you truly love and make it matter.

What does cab mean in txt?

it's just the misspelled word of can notice the B and N are right next to each other

What kind of file ends in txt?

Files that end in txt are text or plain text files. These arecommonly opened in Notepad or Wordpad and have nothing but words.Meaning no special effects such as images, animations, or sounds.

How do you have txt sex?

When you send naked pictures of your self to someone else and they send naked pictures back, that is considered sexting.

What if you dont get the txt that has the code to odnoklassniki?

i don't know what the heck to do either... I've been waiting and re-requesting mine for crazy amount of times already.. my friend told me he's been waiting for 3 months already.. but some other kid got it right away... i don't know how this thing works..its like its discriminating ppl or smth... i ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guy to txt you?

If this guy likes you , he will ask for your number . If you really like him become friends then ask him for his number . But don't rush anything .

What does txt mean on a computer?

The file name extension .txt is the format that plain text files are usually saved as. One of the most common .txt editors is Windows Notepad.

What does the viber txt message say?

Viber text message contains your verification code. After signing up, you need to fill up your viber verification message (sms code here).

How do you turn your boyfriend on over a txt?

Well tell him things that you would know he likes that turn him on. Tell it like a story. Use a lot of details so he can paint the picture in his head of everything that you two may text about. A few picture messages will help too.

Who all have in the world?

The government! Is the world, and the government an have IT ALL! All of the world have in all the government and to the other side as well!

How do you txt a bunny?

()--() (=','=) (")(") There you go a bunny just stack it all up my boyfriend loves it when I txt him this but its funny cause he never can remember how to make it

How do you convert txt to HTML?

If you have a .txt file that you want to be a html file, do this: open the .txt file and then save as and (change the name to what you want to call the file).html. Make sure that you 'save as' for all files or you will be saved as: somename.html.txt which will result it still be a text document. Mak ( Full Answer )