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The only person who knows for sure if you're going to get fired is your boss. If you do your best every day, you'll be less likely to lose your job.

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When John Cena will fired?

He isn't going to be fired

If a worker is fired for going to jail draw unemployment after getting out?

Can I receive my unemployment if I was fired for going to jail it was out of my control

Can you get fired for not going to work?

of course

Is John Cena going to be fired?


Is john cena going to get fired?


How can you use the word guess in a sentence?

There's no guess about it, he is going to be fired for what he did. After stealing money from the cash register, he guessed he was going to get fired.

Is Vicki G going to get fired?


Is Lou going to be fired?

We can only hope

Is john cena going to be fired cause of steroids?


How did the astronaut feel about going to mars?

He Was Fired Up

Is Shelton Benjamin going tna after he got fired?

First of all he wasn't fired he was released and he could do. It is a possibility.

Can you get fired while on workmens comp?

Yes you can be fired will on workman's comp. Going on disability or WCI does not pardon you from any terminable offenses.

If a person has been working and suddenly the company implements they are going to begin physically searching people and you refuse can you be fired?

Yes, you can be fired, but your employer may not say that is the reason you are being fired.

Can celebs get fired for going on

Yes, they can get fired for going on there. That's why NO celeb goes on topix.Your asking this because you go on there, I think. So, if you do, don't believe them. Celebs don't go on there at all.

Are scientists going to stop the LHC?

Its been fired i think so no

When is kelly kelly going to tna?

Kelly Kelly is not going to tna she has not entered into any discussions with them because she is still employed by the wwe she was only kayfabe fired (fake fired so she could get a holiday)

What are the release dates for The Apprentice - 2004 Going Once Going Twice You're Fired 7-12?

The Apprentice - 2004 Going Once Going Twice You're Fired 7-12 was released on: USA: 20 March 2008 Japan: 26 August 2009

How do you tell your mom you were fired?

Well, if you're going to tell her that you got fired, then first find and secure another job, then when you've been hired by the new company, tell her you got fired by your old one.

What is Isiah Thomas going to do to make the Knicks a championship contender?

Nothing he is fired now

Fired from a job?

No. I wasn't fired. I have just been laid off due to economic hard times and the company that laid me off is going through them pretty hard.

What is the answer to page 2.2 in Punchline Algebra book A how did the astronaut feel about going to mars?

He was fired up.

Is Bret hart going to return to WWE after gettin fired from being the gm of raw?

i hope

Why was the football team fired at dinner?

They were apperently going to go on strike against the coach/team.

If Barney got fired why are his shows still going?

When barney got fired, the shows where still going because those where the old shows that they showed years/months/weeks ago. But this depends on what the date it right know, maybe they will hire a new one.

Did john cena get fired from WWE forever?

No John Cena is not fired forever he is going to come back after 6-8 years there are rumors that john cena will come back in wrestlemania