An ambition project MIHAN is taking shape at nagpur or nanded or nasik or navi Mumbai?

MIHAN is the Multimodal International Hub At Nagpur.

Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) is an airport project for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur. It is the biggest economical development project currently underway in India in terms of investments[1]. The project aims to exploit the central location of Nagpur and convert the present airport into a major cargo hub with integrated road and rail connectivity.
This Project consists of "Two Parts": namely
  • An International airport to act as a cargo hub and
  • A Special Economic Zone(SEZ) with residential zone covering a total area of 40.25 kmĀ² on the southern end of Nagpur.

The Government of Maharashtra formed a special purpose entity in the name of Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) for development of MIHAN. The project is financed by multiple Indian banks with total loan amount of INR 3,000 million along with investment from state government and Airports Authority of India[2][3]. With a projected target of serving 14 million passengers and handle 0.87 million tones of cargo this is one of largest aviation project in India[3]. The estimated capital cost of the project is INR 2581 crores (by year 2035) and is supposed to generate revenues INR 5280 crores

The project has already spurred a real estate boom in Nagpur with property prices increasing 25 to 40 percent[4]. Project is expected to add 12 million people to city's population by means of direct and indirect employment[5]. The project aims at boosting the economy of under developed Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and stop the brain drain to other parts of Maharashtra and India[1]. From environmental perspective half a million trees would be planted and there would be no polluting industries in MIHAN[1].
For growth of any area presence of core industries is a must and Nagpur has MIDC area, Asia's second largest air maintenance workshop, SEZ, Gitanjali Jewelery Park, Food Park and many more other projects under implementation with IT majors presence and logistics businesses. The Maharashtra government has already taken care of infrastructure availability like roads, water, power etc. Also to meet the manpower demand, Nagpur University has given sanction to 43 new Engineering colleges in and around Nagpur only. Singapore Changi Airport has been selected as the consultant for this project[6].  

Project Details


Areawise Distribution

The table below shows the areawise distribution of the land at MIHAN. This land will be utilised for different purposes as shown in the table. The total area to be covered under the project is 4025 ha [7].
Areawise Distribution :
Land DistributionArea in
Hectares (ha)
Total Project Area4025 ha.
Airport1200 ha.
Road & Rail Terminal200 ha.
Captive Power House52 ha.
IT Parks400 ha.
Health City60 ha.
Other Manufacturing & Value Added Units963 ha.
International School10 ha.
Residential, Open Spaces, Hotels, Roads, Interchange & RoB,
Water Supply, Storm Water Drainage, Sewage System,
Entertainment, Utility & Land for IAF (exchange)
1140 ha.

International Airport

The proposed plan for the upcoming international airport and cargo hub.

The existing airport of 400 hectares would be expanded to 1364 hectares. The project consists of widening and extending the present runway (3200 meters x 45 meters) to (3600 meters x 45 meters) to meet international standards. Also it will have provision for a similar runway (4000 x 60 m) in the future. The airport will have parking space for 50 aircraft at any time with 50 additional bays at fringe areas[8]. An airport terminal building in semi-circular shape with conductive weather dynamics will have total area of 3,000,000 sq ft (280,000 m2). Project is also building a separate cargo complex for handling and transferring cargo to-and-fro from airport[9].  

Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

A new SEZ of 2086 hectares, the largest multi-product SEZ in India, would be built alongside the airport. Out of 2086 hectares, 1472 hectares would be used by various processing units to be set-up and remaining 614 hectares for service sector units[9]. Like all SEZs it will have financial incentives and soft taxation policy to attract investment. The initial set-up material for these units and later raw material will be duty-free[10]. Major sections of SEZ would be -
  • Information technology park spread over 500 hectares and would include all necessary infrastructure for IT companies[9].
  • Health city spread over 40 hectares that will have multi-specialty hospitals along with training institutes for nurses and medical technicals[9].
  • Manufacturing industry unit that would include industries from sectors like textile and garment, gems and jewelry, food processing, pharmaceuticals and bio-medical. It would also have units for finance and insurance service companies[9].

SEZ will have residential zone adjoining it to take advantage of the various developments in SEZ. An international school would impart education to MIHAN employee children. It would have other recreational facilities like golf course, flying club, multiplex theatre complex[9].  


In last 2-3 years this project has been mired into numerous controversies including legality of MIPL (MIHAN India Private Limited) itself and manner in which excessive land acquisition was carried out without any progress on the ground. Besides Satyam scandal[11] link to MIHAN, a major housing project by private developer within MIHAN[12] has come under cloud. The Hitavada a prominent regional newspaper has published numerous investigative reports on this issue.  

Other Features

Central Facility Building will have administrative offices of various government departments working for MIHAN project and main office of Development Commissioner of MIHAN. It will also have other government offices like post office, Customs and excise office. The total area of CFB would be 22,200 sq ft (2,060 m2) and it would located at main entrance of SEZ. Building will have 3 main blocks and 2 small blocks connecting the main blocks. Thus it will resemble "W" in elevation[13]. Water demand for the project would be met using dual supply. Water from Wadgaon reservoir would be brought in along with water from 2 small lakes which lie within premises of MIHAN. The two small lakes would be deepened, cleaned and beautified to store and supply fresh water to MIHAN. Project will also have its own sewage water treatment plant(STP) to reuse water for non-domestic purpose. Storm drainage work consists of 10 km long channel and 9 cross-drainage work[13].
Separate telephone exchange building is being built for telecommunication related infrastructure. The entire MIHAN project would be having fiber optics cable laid[13]. MIHAN will have 2,4 and 6 lanes road with total internal length of roads at 51 km. Two flyovers would be built over the NH-7 which runs on one-side of project. The two flyovers would help connect MIHAN with other side of highway without causing traffic congestion at the main entrance[13].  


State government's Maharashtra Airport Development Company(MADC) is formed in joint partnerships with equal shares from City and Industrial Development Corporation(CIDCO), Nagpur Improvement Trust(NIT), Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation(MIDC), Maharastra State Road Transport Corporation(MSRTC) and Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC). Singapore Changi Airport have been selected as the consultants for the project[6]. Indian Air Force(IAF) is also going to come up with its own Gajraj project alongside MIHAN.
Indian Railways would have new station coming up near MIHAN to connect cargo hub with countries rail network. MADC would later play a larger role in Maharashtra for airports not owned by AAI and IAF[2]. CIDCO has been selected as it had successfully formed the CIDCO city near Mumbai[14].
As the project progresses, Nagpur will see an influx of migrants adding to city's population. The existing city bus service would not be able to cope up with this. So a new bus mass transit system would be started with combine efforts from NMC, NIT, MSRTC and MIDC each organization playing part in it[5]. NMC and NIT are together responsible for civic administration in Greater Nagpur Metropolitan Area and MSRTC along with Indian Railways would be responsible for developing logistic infrastructure.  

Recent Updates

  • The air cargo service from Nagpur Airport has been started from midnight on 17 November 2009 [15] by one of the major cargo carriers in India, Deccan Express and Logistics. Its "Deccan 360" Cargo Service started here with three big A310 cargo aircraft, the first of which flying to Delhi. This way the cargo hub has launched its first Cargo Service with this step.