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An example of conceit in a sentence?

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He's just full of conceit - always talking about how smart and handsome he is.I just don't buy the conceit that she might have been robbing banks for a worthy cause.

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What is an example sentence with the word conceit?

I went through my conceits while I was alone.

A sentence with conceit in it?

Conceit make a man greedy.

How do you use the word conceit in a sentence?

Conceit is having too high an opinion of yourself, being smug or vain. Example : "Certain she was the best dressed of the attendees, she regarded the others with an air of conceit."

Sentence using conceit?

I dont know what conceit means?

Can you put conceit in a sentence for me?

Here was an opportunity of taking the conceit out of him.

How do you use conceit in a sentence?

You are very narcissistic. I can see the conceit in your voice!

What is conceit in a sentence?


A sentence with conceit?

The word conceit is a noun. Some synonyms for conceit are vanity, self-admiration, and egotism. George had the right qualifications, but his conceit lost him the promotion.

Conceit in a sentence?

Conceit is having excessive pride in oneself. Daphne was full of conceit when she won the local beauty pageant.

Example of conceit of figure of speech?

what are examples of conceit as figure of speech

Can you create your own example of conceit?

Her conceit was obvious to everyone in the room.

What is an example of conceit?

Conceit is when someone thinks very highly of himself or herself. For example, if someone goes around talking about how intelligent he is, that is conceit. It's also conceit when someone thinks that nobody else is as good as she is at something.

What is the sentence of conceit?

Conceit is the downfall of many criminals because they think they're smarter than the cops.

A sentence with the word conceit or conceited in it?

i was conceited yesterday

Conceit used in a sentence?

conceited schools,conceited love

What is an example of a conceit?

A conceit is an exaggerated simile or metaphor comparing two totally unlike things. Example: A lover's love is compared to a compass for drawing circles.

How can you write a sentence with the word conceit?

you just write a sentence even if it doesn't make sense

How do you use conciet in a sentence?

To use it correctly, FIRST you spell it correctly: that is "i before e EXCEPT after c" CONCEIT. He/She is full of conceit. But most often used as He/She is conceited.

The simile in which the lovers souls are compared to a drafting compass is a good example of a?


How can you use breached in a sentence?

Even her refusal to dance with him did not seem to make a breach in his gigantic conceit.

What is metaphysical conceit?

A conceit is a metaphor that is expanded upon throughout the work. A metaphysical conceit is a type of conceit in which the things compared in the metaphor are seemingly very different.

What part of speech is conceit?

Conceit is a noun. The adjective form is 'conceited'.

How many pages does The Fatal Conceit have?

The Fatal Conceit has 194 pages.

When was Conceit - novel - created?

Conceit - novel - was created in 2007.

What is the ISBN of The Fatal Conceit?

The ISBN of The Fatal Conceit is 0-226-32066-9.

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