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linear motion is a motion that moves in a straight line.

just like a car, a bicycle, a truck, a bus etc.

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What moves in linear motion?

Anything that moves forwards in a straight line is moving in a linear motion. For example; a rollercoaster, a pullalong toy, a zip wire etc

What affects linear motion?

If a body is undergoing linear motion then a force which is acting across the direction of motion will affect linear motion.

What is a linear motion for science?

I believe linear motion is simply straight motion because linear means straight

What are types of linear motion?

- Uniform Linear motion: with constant velocity. - Non Uniform Linear motion: with variable velocity.

Can linear motion be produced with an electric coil?

Yes. A solenoid would be an example.

Define linear motion?

Linear motion is movement that happens in a straight line. Drawing with a straight-edge is considered to be linear motion.

What is non linear motion?

Linear motion is motion that occurs along a straight line, and therefor non linear motion is motion that does not. Refer to the Wikipedia article in the Related links section below.

What is linear motion?

An object in free space when set in motion continues to be in motion indefinitely in a straight line, if it is not influenced by any other force [or energy]. When the rate of change of position with respect to time is constant, then this motion is called UNIFORM LINEAR MOTION. An everyday example of linear motion is the soldiers marching past in a parade. Other examples of linear motion are a car moving at a constant speed, a bullet fired from a pistol moving towards the target, etc.

What is inductive transducer?

it transforms linear motion into electrical signal..and the best example is LVDT. :)

What is the difference between uniform linear motion an uniform circular motion?

linear is which is on a straight path and circular motion is which has a curved path. *In a uniform linear motion,the velocity is constant and the acceleration is zero.So,uniform linear motion is an unaccelerated motion. *In uniform circular motion the velocity can be variable although the speed is uniform.So,it is an accelerated motion.

What is the difference between velocity and linear motion?

Linear motion is a motion in a straight line but velocity can travel in any direction the equation for linear motion is and velocity is the rate of change of positions

What the difference between linear motion and circular motion?

Linear is straight and does not require a continuous acceleration as circular motion does.

Uniform linear motion and uniform circular motion?

Linear motion (also called rectillinear motion) is motion along a straight line. Uniform linear motion ,which constant velocity is zero. when a body (or an object) moves in a circle , it is called circular motion. Motion in a circle is circular motion.

What is an linear actuator?

A linear actuator is a device that creates linear motion, often by converting rotational motion. For instance, an electric linear motor turns a screw that in turn "pushes" a cylinder. By this action, linear motion is created from a rotating shaft.

Moving your arm downward toward your side is an example of which of the following types of motion?

The 4 types of motion are linear, rotary, recipricating and......abduction

What is the rotational analog of force in linear motion?

The rotational analog of force in linear motion is "Torque".

What are types of motion?

Linear Motion, reciprocating motion, rotary motion, and oscillating motion

What are the types of translational motion?

circular motion linear motion random motion

What is the basic motion of the car?

The basic motion of a car is linear motion produced by the crankshaft, which is achieved by vertical motion of the pistons in the cylinders to turn and produce linear motion of the crankshaft.

What is the difference between linear motion and random motion?

Linear Motion is motion of object/body along a straight line.Random Motion is the motion of an object/body along a disordered or irregular line.

What four types of motion is there?

Rotary motionLinear motionReciprocating motionOscillating motion

How do you design a simple device that convert the circular moton to linear motion?

A crank converts cirular motion to linear motion and vice versa.

What are examples of linear motion?

some of the common examples of linear motion are child cycling on a straight road, motion of a train on straight bridge.

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