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the answer is comet

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An icy object moving through space in a highly eccentric orbit is called?

A comet.

What member of the solar system has a highly eccentric orbit?

Comets. They spend a lot of their time moving slowly at far distances from the sun, with brief periods of time spent closer to the sun, moving at higher speeds.

What is a transfer of heat through moving liquids or gases called?

The transfer of heat through a moving liquid or gas is called convection.

What are small pieces of rock moving through space called?

they are called meteoroids

Substances through which charges have difficulty moving are called?


What is a blood clot that is moving through the body called?


What is the process of water moving through rock called?


What is Energy moving through a body of water called?

Energy moving through a body of water is scientifically called hydro energy. When hydro energy is present, the water cycle changes.

What is a friction that acts on objects moving through a fluid called?

Its called Fluid Friction

The transfer of energy as waves moving through space is called what?


Are electrons moving through space called light?

No; light is photons.

What is the result of a force moving an object through a distance called?

The process of a force acting through a distance is called "work". It doesn't have to involve moving an object. Like for example, stretching a rubber band is work.

What is a mass of rock moving through space called?

Planet Asteroid Meteoroid

What is the loss of fertilizer and pesticides from soil by water moving through it called?


A disturbance moving through a solid liquid or gaseous medium is called?


What is it called when water is lost through the leaves of a tree?

Evaporation, the wider process of water moving through the plant and being lost through the leaves however is called transpiration.

Moving a conductor through a magnetic field a voltage is induced in the conductor is called what type of induction?

Moving a conductor through a magnetic field will produce alternatinc current (AC).

What is an force moving an object through a distance called?

In physics this term is called work.or it is also called forcejust joking

What is a large stream of moving water that flows through the Ocean called?

A current. A rotating current is called a gyre.

What is a stream of electrons moving through a copper wire called?

it is sexy because i have a vagine

Streams of warm or cold water moving through the oceans are called what?

Convection current

Fluid friction acting on an object moving throught the air?

Fluid friction acting on an object moving through the air is called air.

What is moving out of a population called?

Moving out of a population is called emigration. (Moving into a population is called immigration.)

What device or method is used on some types of jigsaws to dampen the vibrations cause by the moving rod or shaft?

B. an eccentric counterweight

Energy that moves through an electric circuit is carried by moving is called?

Electrons carry energy through an electric circuit.Their flow is called electric "current".

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