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Analogy for ribosome?

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an assembly line

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What is analogy for ribosome?


Analogies for centriole?

Ribosome analogy

What is an analogy for a ribosome?

To process material into protein

Ribosome analogy to a human body?


What is a school analogy for a ribosome?

Educated persons .

What is a analogy for ribosomes?

a ribosome is like a plant for cells

What is a cell city analogy for a ribosome?

factories-the small shops

What is a school analogy for ribosome?

I use a chef making protein as ribosomes!

What is a good analogy for the function of a free ribosome?

i truly don't know! sorry!

What is an analogy for a ribosome and why?

a good one would be a mason, because ribosome link bricks (almino acids) together acording to blueprints (RNA)

What is an analogy for ribosome?

Ribosomes are like factories in a cell. They manufacture proteins using instructions the get from RNA.

What is a good analogy of a ribosome?

A factory, because it creates material just like ribosomes create proteins for a cell

What are some analogy for Ribosomes?

The ribosome in a cell can be compared to a construction worker. They make all kinds of things for the cell to use.

Analogy for free ribosome?

Ribosomes are similar to factories. They produce things that are needed and serve a purpose. It works like an assembly line.

What are some analogies for ribosomes?

A good analogy for a ribosome would be a cook. Cooks make food for restaurants, ribosomes help make proteins for the cell.

What is an analogy for Golgi apparatus?

Letters : Post Office :: Proteins : Golgi Apparatus The Golgi Apparatus packages proteins from the ribosome and prepares them to be shipped out of the cell.

What can you compare a ribosome to in a grocery store?

Interesting question. To me, the most obvious answer is to draw an analogy between a ribosome and a shopper. The ribosome reads mRNA just as the shopper reads a grocery list. Each unit of mRNA is a three-letter code that tells the ribosome which amino acid it needs to add to make a complete protein, much in the same way that each item in a grocery list tells the shopper which items to pull from the shelves and add to their shopping cart.

What is the abbreviation for ribosome?

There is no abbreviation for ribosome.

What is an analogie for ribosome?

what is an analogie for ribosome

What is the analogy for ship?

analogy for a ship is analogy for a ship so its an analogy

What is a free ribosome?

A free ribosome is a ribosome that is not attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum and is thus suspended in the cytoplasm.

What happens when ribosome parts pass into cytoplasm?

The ribosome subunits come together and form a functioning ribosome.

How does svedberg measure the ribosome?

svedberg's way for measuring of ribosome

What is bigger chromosome or ribosome?

A chromosome is bigger than a ribosome.

Do eucaryotic mitochondria have 70s ribosomes?

yes they do, the mitochondrial ribosome resembles bacterial 70s ribosome as compare to eukaryotic cytosolic ribosome